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Hubbr chat for Trello Google Chrome Extension Download

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Hubbr chat for Trello chrome extension

Hubbr chat for Trello Google chrome Extension overview

Hubbr chat for Trello chrome extension is Adds fully integrated chat for all your boards in Trello.

Chat for trello adds a realtime chat inside trello.

Each trello board will automatically get a chat channel.

Feedback and ideas are very welcome at [email protected]

Have fun :-) --------------------- Update (2016-09-09): - Version 1.0 release - major design update - primary trello card member synced two ways with Hubbr tasks - Discuss button on trello cards removed.

Replaced with task discussions in Hubbr.

Update (2015-07-12): - We are currently working on the next generation of Hubbr.

We are keeping an eye on the stability of the beta but arent currently adding features.

Well of course let all beta users know when the next generation is ready :-) Update (2014-11-25): - various minor improvements based on user feedback as well as bug fixes and performance optimisations.

Update (2014-11-16): - Deep "View in Hubbr" links from cards and checklist items back to the chat messages from which these trello actions were made.

- chat icon shows your inbox number of unread mentions.

The chat icon turns red when you have new mentions (like the notification "bell" in Trello).

Update (2014-11-03): - Browser notifications for chat messages on open boards.

- When you have been mentioned in a message (@) the browser notification will stay until closed.

- presence indicator shows board members online in the hubbr chat.

Update (2014-10-14): - Introduction of a notification centre that summarises your chat mentions.

- Click a message while discussing a card to make it a checklist item on the card Update (2014-09-26): - Click a message to make it a card on your board.

Update (2014-09-16): - Pop-out option enables users to have the chat in a separate window - Comments notifications now have a "see in Trello" link Update (2014-09-11): - Introduction of on/off button to hide/de-active the chat - The discuss button now highlights the card being discussed and filters the chat Initial release (2014-09-01): - board specific chat channel - Discuss button on each card (tags the conversation)

Hubbr chat for Trello Chrome extension Download

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Download Hubbr chat for Trello chrome extension (CRX)

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