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Impero Education Pro chrome extension

Impero Education Pro Google chrome Extension overview

Impero Education Pro chrome extension is Provides content authorisation for Impero.

The impero education pro chrome extension enables you to manage and control devices running google chrome browser on your network helping to ensure that students are on task, learning and safe.

As a client server solution, all features are controlled from the standard education pro windows console, supporting a truly mixed platform learning environment.

Key Features By using the impero chrome extension in conjunction with Impero Education Pro, the following features/functionality can be obtained:- • Enable/disable internet for selected group/users • Block/allow specific websites as part of a lesson, or as a standard policy across the network • View web history logs for Chrome browser usage • Monitor for, screen capture and block specific URL’s, html content • Force Google safe search on specific devices • Force YouTube Edu redirect on specific devices The Impero Education Pro Chrome extension is free for use by all schools with a current impero education pro support or subscription contract.

If all existing licences are allocated then more impero education pro licences will need to be purchased.

To find out more about Impero Education Pro or to purchase more device licences then please visit Pre-requisites In order to be able to use the Impero Chrome Extension, the version of impero education pro installed on the schools network must be version 4.2.15 or higher.

Support For support in relation to the chrome impero education pro extension, including installation and configuration, please visit for further information

Impero Education Pro Chrome extension Download

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