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    Deleted from Chrome Web store
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    offered by Sammy North
LolKing AutoFocus chrome extension is This extension focuses the search box on after page load..

This extension focuses the search box on after page load..

Install and lolking autofocus will take care of the rest!

Everyone who plays League of legends uses to look up their rating or the rating of other summoners.

If you use lolking enough you know that it is a great site but with one minor flaw.

It does not autofocus the search box at the top.

This makes every user visiting the site to search click one extra click when they shouldnt have to.

lolking autofocus automatically places the cursor in the search box of so that any visitor to the site can just go to and start typing without having to click one more time.

The search box will always have your cursor already in it after the page loads on any page and not only on the first page of lolking.

I hope everyone enjoys lolking autofocus and I hope it makes your League of legends lives easier!

LolKing AutoFocus is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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