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Mail Control chrome extension

Mail Control Google chrome Extension overview

Mail Control chrome extension is Toolbar control for Offline and Desktop Google Mail™. Launcher, mail search, mail checker and more....

Features: - Displays the number of unread messages - Desktop Notification when new mail arrives - 3 different pop-up menu: simple launcher (no menu) a simple icon menu advanced notification menu - show unread mails summary - show full mail preview - Mark as read, Add star, Delete, Spam, Archive and print message function - Search messages - Open Gmail™ and custom labels - Compose mail, Email this page - Switching between the Desktop and Offline Gmail™: all links and search for the selected mode opens Settings page: - Language - Enabled/disabled messages check - gmail label check (Inbox or All Mail) - Polling interval - The time to display desktop notifications and enabled/disabled sound - popup menu style: launcher, icon or notification style

Mail Control Chrome extension Download

It is the Mail Control google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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