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Media Keys by chrome extension

Media Keys by Google chrome Extension overview

Media Keys by chrome extension is Media keys support for online radio and streaming music apps..

Link your keyboards native media keys to streaming radio and music apps to play, pause and skip songs like you would iTunes, even when Chrome is in the background or focused on a different tab.

The controls, currently playing song and album art also appear in the extensions popup so you can skip hunting for which tab is playing your music, or in case you dont have media keys.

If you play a track in a new tab while music is already playing in another, the extension pauses the old music so you hear the new, preventing you from playing two songs on top of each other.

It supports dozens of music apps, with more being added by request.

@swayfm -- We support: 22tracks 8tracks Albumkings Amazon Music Audiogalaxy Bandcamp Beats Music Cliggo Deezer radio dreamfm earbits Feedly (for podcasts) focusatwill gaana google music grooveshark iheartradio jango jb hifi Now mixcloud music163 mog mycloudplayer netflix html5 player (beta) noon pacific new myspace nokia mixradio pandora Pleer Plex Poolsidefm RBMAradio Rdio Rhapsody Saavn Scribd Slacker Radio Songdrop Songza Soundcloud Soundtracker Spotify Stitcher Subsonic Sverigesradio The Hypemachine ( Thesixtyone tidalhifi tubalr tunein radio Twitter Music Vessel Vimeo Wearehunted Xbox Music Yandex Music Yandex Music Youtube (beta, only on and a lot more, i kind of stopped keeping track.

If theres any sites youd like to see supported, send us an email at [email protected], or if youd like to support the open source project check out If you want to add media keys support into your own music app, try out our integration api: @Swayfm -- [email protected]

Media Keys by Chrome extension Download

It is the Media Keys by google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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