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Minion Games - Minions chrome extension is Play Minion Games Online: Best free flash Minion games collecting for Kids, Minion Despicable me 2, Minions Games for Kids and Girls.

play minion games online: best free flash minion games collecting for Kids, minion despicable me 2, minions games for Kids and Girls.

best minion games - Extension This is the best place to play free games inspired by minions characters.

plot minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve historys most despicable masters.

[14] After serving a great deal of masters over the centuries (though they accidentally kill their masters most of the time), and a disastrous end to their service to Napoleon, the Minions are driven into isolation and decide to start a new life in a massive cave in the Arctic.

After many years, the minions become depressed, restless and unmotivated without a master to serve.

To regain their dignity and sense of purpose, Kevin, one fearless minion, decides to set out to find a new master and asks for help.

Stuart, a musically inclined minion and Bob, a young and inexperienced but enthusiastic minion, are recruited.

The trio journey to New York where the year is 1968.

After spending the day attempting to blend in, the minions end up in a department store for the night, where they discover a hidden commercial broadcast for villains advertising villain-Con; a convention for villains and supervillains in Orlando.

The trio manage to hitchhike a ride with a family of villains called the Nelsons and impress them with their accidental villainy.

Once at the convention, they see scarlet overkill, the first female supervillain, and they impress her enough for her to hire them.

As scarlet takes the Minions to her home in England, Kevin contacts the other Minions, who later find a yeti and claim him as their new boss, but accidentally kill the leader yeti and are chased out of their cave by the other yeti.

They make their way to England to find Kevin, Bob, and Stuart.

At her home, scarlet explains the plan to steal imperial state crown from queen elizabeth ii of the United Kingdom and promises to reward the Minions if they successfully steal it, threatening that she will kill them if they dont.

Her husband herb supplies them with inventions to aid in the heist, but they are nearly caught when they break into the Tower of London, which leads to a highly publicized chase that ends with bob crashing into the Sword in the Stone and pulling it free, removing elizabeth ii from the throne and becoming king bob of the United Kingdom.

Enraged by this, scarlet confronts the Minions, and bob abdicates in her favor.


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