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Moat Vote chrome extension

Moat Vote Google chrome Extension overview

Moat Vote chrome extension is Follow presidential candidates across the web.

Ever wonder where presidential candidates are running ads online whether you’re in a battleground state and seeing political ads nonstop or wondering why you’re left out, moat vote gives you a birds-eye view of where candidates are running ads.

Moat Vote is a free extension for Chrome that allows you to: - See which presidential candidate runs the most ads on the sites you visit - Focus in on a single candidate to see just their creatives - Browse each individual ad that’s being run Moat Vote is built by Moat Inc., a SaaS analytics and intelligence company that provides tools for brands, publishers and agencies to better understand their digital ad footprint.

How are candidates advertising online find out, with Moat Vote!

Moat Vote Chrome extension Download

It is the Moat Vote google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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