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ModHeader chrome extension

ModHeader Google chrome Extension overview

ModHeader chrome extension is Modify request and response headers.

Add and modify the http request headers and response headers.

** Features ** - Add / modify / remove request headers and response headers - conditionally enable header modification based on URL and/or resource type - Add comments to header - multiple different profiles - Sorting headers and name, value, or comments - Append value to existing request or response header - Export and import header - Clone profile ** What is new in 2.1.1 ** - Integration with Google analytics - Slight performance improvement ** What is new in 2.1.0 ** - Improve performance ** What is new in 2.0.9 ** - Fix bug where updating the header doesnt work in Chrome 49+ ** What is new in 2.0.8 ** - remove chrome sync function that is suspected to be causing problems ** What is new in 2.0.7 ** - Merge all headers and filters into one tab - Reduce load time ** What is new in 2.0.6 ** - Fix filter to be OR instead of AND - Allow wildcards in filter to be more flexible - Support for comma separated concatenation when encounter header with the same name ** What is new in 2.0.5 ** - Performance improvements ** What is new in 2.0 ** - response header modification!

- better filtering ui - Allow sorting the headers - Automatically sync to cloud - Support export / import profiles - clone existing profile - allow appending value to existing header - completely new ui!

- Autocomplete known header ** Permissions ** ModHeader currently requires 4 permissions: 1, "webRequest" 2, "webRequestBlocking" 3, "" 4, "storage" "webRequest" and "webRequestBlocking" are required in order for request headers modification to work.

Because ModHeader doesnt know ahead of time which website the modification should apply to, it needs to request permissions for all URLs (3).

"storage" permission is needed to save settings to the cloud.

** Donation ** ** User guide ** If you think this extension is useful, please +1 it!

ModHeader Chrome extension Download

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