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Multi-highlight chrome extension

Multi-highlight Google chrome Extension overview

Multi-highlight chrome extension is Highlight multiple words in web pages..

Can do for you: - highlight multiple english words (whole matching).

- Store the highlight words list locally.

- Re-do highlighting automatically when page content changed.

In coming features: - Add a context menu button, to add selected word on page.

- Shortcuts.

- Phrase support.

- Add a setting/option page, to set whole word matching or not.

- configurable highlight style.

- Make it faster.

Change log: - 1.11 - Temporary rollback to v1.7.

- 1.10 - Change: Skip "content editable" elements; support single letter non-english words.

- 1.9 - Bug fix.

- 1.8 - Bug fix.

- 1.7 - Bug fix.

- 1.6 - Can do highlighting after first installed, without refresh page.

- 1.5 - Fix some bugs, better description.

- 1.4 - Add a switch button, to enable or disable highlighting.

- 1.3 - https page enable, redesign highlight logic.

- 1.2 - Icon beautify, fix some bugs.

- 1.1 - highlight style beautify.

- 1.0 - core function complete.

Multi-highlight Chrome extension Download

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