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NationStates++ chrome extension

NationStates++ Google chrome Extension overview

NationStates++ chrome extension is Improves the experience.

Modifies the NationStates Site for a variety of enhancements.

Features: •Infinite Scroll for the regional message board.

•Quote button next to regional message board posts, for easy replies •New posts on the regional message board appear instantly - no more refreshing!

•New telegrams update your telegram indicator next to your nation name - no more refreshing!

•Urls in RMB posts are turned into clickable links, no more copy and paste!

•Search Feature: Search through the rmb post history of any region!

•Slide and scroll through World Census Reportings - no more refreshing for each page!

•Posting on the RMB occurs instantly, without any redirects or any refreshing •Scrolling Embassy flags next to the World Factbook Entry of each region •Ignore any posts in the Regional Message Board that you dont want to see •Hide thread topics in the "view your posts" forum area •Shows post number on all forum posts •Open Source, read the code at:

NationStates++ Chrome extension Download

It is the NationStates++ google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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