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Native URL Shortener chrome extension

Native URL Shortener Google chrome Extension overview

Native URL Shortener chrome extension is The smart URL shortener that shortens your links natively, providing you official short links..

shorten urls natively!

(Already supported more than ten official shorteners, including Youtube, Github, Wordpress, Flickr Its also a multi-protocol shortener.

(using,,, etc to shorten if theres no native shortener available) (You can shorten with your own Google or Bitly account.)

Auto copy to clipboard.

Permissions EXPLAINED "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" native url shortener ONLY retrieves official short links inside the web page!

For example, short links.

Thats why it needs to request the permission to read all websites...

Please understand that Native URL Shortener is safe and will never get access to any of your personal data.

long description native url shortener shortens urls "natively", using the official short links.

If theres no native shorteners available, your favored shortener (, or TinyURL) will shorten it for you.

BTW, you can shorten with your own Google and Bitly account!

Just get into the Options Page and connect to your accounts.

Besides clicking on the icon, from version 3.0.0 you can shorten links from the context menu.

context menu items are available for shortening the current webpage, the link selected, or the link to the image under mouse cursor.

** Please note that some official short links (such as will not be available while shortening a link inside the webpage, therefore the link address will be shortened by other shortener service ( or

Note: You can create a keyboard shortcut to activate native url shortener (Follow instructions here *This extension does not access any of your private data.

It simply takes the commanded url.

The idea of "Shorten natively" is inspired by the "Shortly" Safari extension by ZZHC. Thanks to Shortly‘s developer for sharing Shortlys beautiful icon with Native URL Shortener.

Known Issues *Flickr hasnt provide official short links for "picture sets".

Coming Features All done!

changelog jul 24, 2016 (Ver 3.0.0) - Shorten links from context menu!

- Bug fixes.

- major code maintenance.

Check out the blog post for more info about this update: Apr 22, 2016 (Ver 2.9.2) - Removed –– Facebook has deprecated this short link.

- Some improvements.

Full changelog:

Native URL Shortener Chrome extension Download

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Download Native URL Shortener chrome extension (CRX)

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