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NoFollow chrome extension

NoFollow Google chrome Extension overview

NoFollow chrome extension is Outlines nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Features website filtering and custom CSS outline styles.

:: Features outlines nofollow links (with rel="nofollow" attribute) supports search engine specific robot meta tags: googlebot (Google), bingbot (Bing), slurp (Yahoo), msnbot (Bing), and teoma (Ask) outlines HTML tags (used by russian search engines yandex and Rambler) customize with your own CSS styles for outlining ability to disable or enable extension for defined websites info box (shows meta tags for following bots: googlebot, slurp, bingbot, msnbot, and teoma) extension is available for Chrome, Opera and Safari :: Minimum Requirements Chrome v26 :: Contact & Report issues: ------------------------------------------------------ :: Changelog v3.4.2: - fix: typo in extension options v3.4.1: - fix: small extension icon wasnt visible in "info panel" v3.4.0: - new: support for "Teoma" bot (this is included in "Check for alternate robots meta tags" option) - improvement: replaced deprecated chrome apis and general code cleanup - improvement: extension icon behavior - previously icon would stay disabled until the website is completely loaded, now icon and popup menu should be available immediately - improvement: extension icon and popup menu will not be disabled on protected tabs/urls from now on, only the popup menu option "Disable for this website" will be disabled - change: minimum required chrome version is now 26 - change: removed "Hide Icon" command from popup menu because extension icons cant be hidden in Chrome anymore - change: removed "Show icon in address bar", "Show only when extension is enabled on a website", and "Display Hide icon" from options because extension icons cant be hidden in Chrome anymore - fix: detection of protected tabs (like chrome://extensions/) where extensions do not have access *** Full changelog on the website

NoFollow Chrome extension Download

It is the NoFollow google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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