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NZBDrone Xtender chrome extension

NZBDrone Xtender Google chrome Extension overview

NZBDrone Xtender chrome extension is NZBDrone Xtender adds links to scene search sites for all of your episodes. Helpful for when NZBDrone can't find it on its own..

NzbDrone Xtender was designed to help users find tv show episodes that NzbDrone couldnt.

NzbDrone Xtender will add links to 3rd party search providers for each episode in the episode search modal window.

These links will spawn a search (opening in a new tab) for each episode you click.

Clicking a link will open the respected search site in a new window and pass in the required search parameters for you.

This can save valuable time, as you no longer have to manually open an new tab, type in the search providers web address, fill in the search box, and submit the form.

This is all handled for you!

version log ----------- v 3.0.5 - Removed broken search providers v 3.0.4 - Fix link to Low Voltage Generator site v 3.0.3 - added search providers: OldPirateBay and NZBGeek - Fix bug on Calendar page - Replace "Vs." with "Vs" when searching v 3.0.2 - removed fenopy and filestube - fixed timing issue with slow loading series dashboard due to long series lists v 3.0.1 - added search provider v 3.0.0 - updated extension to work with NZBDrones new name "Sonarr" v 2.0.12 - fixed search bug introduced with latest version of NZBDrone v 2.0.11 - added NZBKing to search providers v 2.0.10 - fixed bug that was causing lowvoltage logo to appear on websites that were not NZBDrone v 2.0.9 - updated to be compatible with latest version of NZBDrone - bug fixes v 2.0.8 - updated code to prevent errors in Dev Tools Console v 2.0.7 - update "The Pirate Bay" URL v 2.0.6 - update "H33t" URL v 2.0.5 - update "The pirate bay url" (again) v 2.0.4 - update "The Pirate Bay" URL v 2.0.3 - update h33t url - added to search providers v 2.0.2 - fixed issue with "finished episodes toggle" on main series page - fixed regex bug with season/episode names v 2.0.1 - bug fixes v 2.0.0 [major release] - added support for nzbdrone version 2.x (dropped support for 1.x) v 1.0.15 - added "" to search providers - removed dead search providers (, nzbfactor,, NZBsRus,, - fixed bug with search parameter being passed to "oznzb" v 1.0.14 - updated "nzb mega search" URL v 1.0.13 - clicking the "Episodes" column header on the Series page will "hide" all Series that are 100% complete.

This will allow you to see what Series are missing episodes more easily.

v 1.0.12 - updated Kick Ass Torrents search URL v 1.0.11 - minor bug fixes v 1.0.10 - updated to jQuery v1.9.1 v 1.0.9 - updated ThePirateBay to use their new domain v 1.0.8 - removed "UsenetCrawler" from search providers (is now dead) v 1.0.7 - minor bug fixes v 1.0.6 - added O

NZBDrone Xtender Chrome extension Download

It is the NZBDrone Xtender google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download NZBDrone Xtender chrome extension (CRX)

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