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Oddshot chrome extension

Oddshot Google chrome Extension overview

Oddshot chrome extension is Chrome extension for Oddshot.

OddShot is an instant replay and user generated highlight reel for gaming & social media live streams.

Grab those jaw dropping moments for you and others to re-live.

capture incredible live-streamed moments from your favorite streaming sites, including Twitch.tv and sites that support twitch embedded streams, Hitbox.tv, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Azubu.tv and Azubu Brazil, and AfreecaTV!

Click the icon located beneath the stream window (or within the live stream windows of Twitch), or the "take shot" buttons located within the top right icon and under facebook live streams, or type the !shot command in to chat and you get a source quality video of the previous 40 seconds of action to share instantly.

With so many options, its really that simple!

UPDATES: 2.4.3: - Fixes for YouTube Gaming & Live streams.

- new shot button within youtube & hitbox stream windows.

2.4.2: - Adaption changes.

2.4.1: - New logo.

- Small fixes.

2.4.0: - The plugin is now available on Facebook Live.

The “Take Shot” button will display with live streams that appear on profile pages and modals.

- The plugin is also now available on YouTube Live.

The “Take Shot” button will display with live streams, under the video window.

- The plugin is now available on Azubu.uol.com.br (Brazil).

- The “Take Shot” button is also now embedded within Twitch’s streaming windows, including the pop-out player, thus providing an additional option to take a shot in full screen.

- The plugin is also now available on sites that support Twitch embedded streams.

*Side Note: The top right “Take Shot” button is currently unavailable on Facebook Live.

The “!shot” command is currently unavailable on Eclypsia.com, JaRock.pl and Streamerhouse.com, and youtube related streams.

2.3.1: - Update of Portuguese translations.

Update of opt-outs.

- added icons list of supported streaming sites to top right oddshot icon.

2.3.0: - The plugin is now available on Azubu.tv.

Opt-outs update.

*Side Note: The "!shot" command is currently unavailable within youtube gaming and Azubu.tv.

However, it is still available within twitch & Hitbox.

2.2.2: - shot taking configured to meet the recent hitbox changes.

- Improved synchronization.

*Side Note: The "!shot" command is currently unavailable within YouTube Gaming.

However, it is still available within Twitch & Hitbox.

2.2.1: - Improved synchronization.


Oddshot Chrome extension Download

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