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Open WhatsApp Web Google Chrome Extension Download

  • Open WhatsApp Web for chrome Free download , Open WhatsApp Web chrome extension download , Open WhatsApp Web addon download for Google chrome
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Open WhatsApp Web chrome extension

Open WhatsApp Web Google chrome Extension overview

Open WhatsApp Web chrome extension is Open WhatsApp Web in a popup, panel or tab..

open whatsapp web in one click!

WhatsApp Web is a web application that people at WhatsApp Inc have created to enable chat through the browser window.

The Open WhatsApp Web is an extension that let you open this web application with one click!

Some of the reasons you should get this extension: * sometimes you cant use your smartphone when you are on the computer; * you want your chats to be always on top of other windows; * you dont want to remember the whatsapp web address everytime you have to open it; Whats new: 1.2: * Focus on the opened window instead of opening a new one 1.1: * added window type option to open in a new tab ——————————————————— This extension uses chrome panels, which is not enabled by default in chrome browser.

Youll need to "enable panels" manually.

To do this, follow these steps: - OPEN A NEW TAB AND TYPE IN THE URL BAR "chrome://flags/#enable-panels" - CLICK ON "ENABLE" IN THE "ENABLE PANELS" SECTION - CLICK ON THE RELAUNCH BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM TO RESTART CHROME ——————————————————— ——————————————————— LEGAL ——————————————————— The WhatsApp name and logos are trademarks of WhatsApp Inc.

This is an independent project that is not officially affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.

Open WhatsApp Web Chrome extension Download

It is the Open WhatsApp Web google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Open WhatsApp Web chrome extension (CRX)

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