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Orbitum Speed Dial Google Chrome Extension Download

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Orbitum Speed Dial chrome extension

Orbitum Speed Dial Google chrome Extension overview

Orbitum Speed Dial chrome extension is Orbitum Speed Dial's the perfect way to upgrade the New Tab with beautiful backgrounds and easy-access to your favorite websites..

orbitum speed dial is a perfect replacement for the Chrome “new tab“ page: beautiful background images, quick access to your favourite sites, easy customisation options.

Customize Chromes new tab with your predefined favorite websites and a beautiful background image.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Make sure to check out the screenshots!

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Orbitum is a popular web browser and we’re thrilled to bring part of it’s experience to Chrome users.

We were working on this extension for the past three years and improved it based on the feedback of over 500K Orbitum users.

- Beautiful background images; - Quick access to favourite pages; - clean stylish design; - It works blazing fast!

background images -------------------------------------------------------------- - Get a new background image from our gallery every day; - Pin the image you like if you want to stick with it; - Upload your own image.

Quick Access -------------------------------------------------------------- - Get our list of suggested sites; - Customise it with your own favourites; - Create groups of favourite pages.

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Orbitum Speed Dial Chrome extension Download

It is the Orbitum Speed Dial google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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