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PageArchiver chrome extension

PageArchiver Google chrome Extension overview

PageArchiver chrome extension is Helps you to archive web pages for offline reading.

PageArchiver extension is a "scrapbook-like" extension for Chrome.

1 - Features * save faithful archives * export/import zip files containing archives in HTML format * edit archives and add notes with the integrated wysiwyg editor * add tags and rating to archives * search archives from title or page content * sort/filter archives by saved date, last read date, title, url, tags, rating and size... * use omnibox to search archives by title (type "pa" and tab key to trigger pagearchiver search) * bookmark and save archive (with Ctrl-S) when viewing it Note: this extension needs "SingleFile Core" to be already installed (follow install instructions) 2 - Basic instructions - save page displayed in the current tab: * click on PageArchiver button * click on "Tabs" link in the popup * click on "save selected" button - manage archives: * click on PageArchiver button * click on "Archives" link in the popup -> click on an archive link to view it -> rename or delete an archive with action icons (at the right of archive link) -> select archives with checkboxes and open, delete, tag or export into a zip file all selected archives - Edit any archive when viewing it: * click on the arrow at the top right of the screen and the editor toolbox will be displayed * click on "Save" button in the toolbox to save page content - Configure the extension via the options page

PageArchiver Chrome extension Download

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