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Pandora Enhancer Google Chrome Extension Download

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Pandora Enhancer chrome extension

Pandora Enhancer Google chrome Extension overview

Pandora Enhancer chrome extension is Enhances the Pandora Experience with several features.

Creates a desktop notification whenever your song changes on Pandora & will automatically block ads.

Additional Features: -Pause/play/skip music from the options menu -Check and listen to past songs that have played by clicking on the extension icon > Past Songs -Preferences (Change how long the notification lasts and what happens when you click the notification) -Download the song youre listening to -blocks ads -Removes "Are You still listening" popup -Occasionally, pandora will error in playing music and no music will play- this extension will detect when this happens and automatically reload the page

Pandora Enhancer Chrome extension Download

It is the Pandora Enhancer google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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