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Pandora Listener chrome extension

Pandora Listener Google chrome Extension overview

Pandora Listener chrome extension is Removes the annoying Are You Still Listening? from Pandora..

Ever been sitting in your living room listening to your favorite station from the comfort of your couch and suddenly noticed your station has stopped due to the "Are you still listening" page Well, not anymore!

pandora listener is an extension that automatically skips the "Are you still listening" button for you.

You wont have to get up and click the mouse every hour to continue on with your party, dinner, family board game, studying, or relaxation time!

* This does not block the ads that appear between songs or on the sidebar of the website.

This extensions works very well with an ad-blocker, which does do this.

* version 1: -Release!

-"Are You still listening" blocker.

Future releases: -Implementing notifications for song information.

Pandora Listener Chrome extension Download

It is the Pandora Listener google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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