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Photo Zoom for Facebook Google Chrome Extension Download

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Photo Zoom for Facebook chrome extension

Photo Zoom for Facebook Google chrome Extension overview

Photo Zoom for Facebook chrome extension is The best way to view photos on Facebook!.


--------------- 8/31/2016 First off, everything is going back to normal with a new build being released.

Someone hacked the most popular extension on the chrome store and was able to update it with malware that redirected users to bad advertisement websites in a ploy to make a quick bucks.

It is infuriating that someone was able to do this, but we have removed the malware and are back on track.

As always, photo zoom does not want to run on any sites other than ours and Facebook (obviously) and certainly do not want your data at all.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience!

--------------- Join nearly 5 million people using Photo Zoom for Facebook, the highest rated Most Popular Extension for google chrome!

Thanks everyone for enjoying photo zoom for Facebook!

Be sure to: Give it 5 Stars below and +1 it above!

LIKE it on Facebook: Donate to the project: Photo Zoom for Facebook, formerly fb photo zoom, is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image!

frequently asked questions: ------------------------------------------ Q: Why does it say you access my Facebook and browsing data A: You can rest assured that Photo Zoom for Facebook does not access, view, use, manipulate, or even care about any of your data, history or private information, at all.

pz4fb requires certain permissions to run correctly and Google is simply telling you that pz4fb could access your data, not that it does.

Its absolutely up to you to only install extensions and apps that you trust.

You can read more here: Q: Wasnt this called "facebook photo zoom" and "FB Photo Zoom" A: Sure was.

Unfortunately over a year ago facebook filed a DMCA complaint that temporarily took down this and many other popular facebook extensions.

Weve had to modify the name so the trademark "Facebook" does not appear as an endorsement.

We urge everyone to be careful with other extensions that call themselves "faceobok photo zoom" or "FB Photo Zoom."

These are not the original and potentially malicious.

Q: What makes photo zoom for Facebook so awesome A: Easy: No bloat.

PZ4FB does one thing and one thing better than the rest: Enhance your facebook image viewing experience.

We believe this is why we are the highest rated extension in the google chrome web store-->

Photo Zoom for Facebook Chrome extension Download

It is the Photo Zoom for Facebook google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Photo Zoom for Facebook chrome extension (CRX)

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