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Player Card chrome extension

Player Card Google chrome Extension overview

Player Card chrome extension is The simplest, fastest, and cleanest method of viewing athlete careers and statistics from within your tab..

player card highlights the name of football (soccer), NFL, and NBA players from across the world.

After hovering your mouse over the highlighted name youll be presented with a carefully designed pop-up box that provides information and statistics about the hovered item.

player card currently offers 50,000 football players, 20,000 nfl players, and 5,000 nba players including football leagues (e.g premier league, liga bbva etc) and all NFL/NBA teams.

--Features: - Players, leagues, and NFL/nba teams get highlighted within tabs.

- All settings are synced between your sessions and browsers.

- Search players & leagues within the popup window.

- Ability to edit highlight color.

- Take screenshots and view wikipedia articles seamlessly within your browser.

- Over 50,000 male football (soccer) players.

Over 1,000 female football (soccer) players.

- Over 20,000 NFL players and all NFL teams.

- 5,000 NBA players and all NBA teams.

Player Card is still a very new concept and will have frequent updates to improve the experience and implement new features.

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Player Card Chrome extension Download

It is the Player Card google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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