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Points for Trello chrome extension

Points for Trello Google chrome Extension overview

Points for Trello chrome extension is Enhance Trello's cards with freely configurable points.

trello points activate a "point" system in cards of trello boards.

Those points are cumulated and displayed in the list titles.

That allow cards to have a "weight", it is up to you to decide the meaning of that "weight" : days, $, hours... as you want.

Trello Points just make the sum for you, and add some other cool stuff (percentage, ratio filtered/visible) Do not forget to customize the way trello points behave, just display the "Options" panel (right click on trello points icon on Google Chrom toolbar").

========= v.

0.40 : include contribs from Slav : fix handling of non usual points and add a notion of "reward points" for "TShirt size" point picker v.

0.37 : name changed to "Points for Trello" as requested by trello staff v.

0.35 : new feature : negative points are now allowed!

also supports google chrome version 19.0.1084.36 beta.

v. 0.34 : new feature : non numeric points, like MoSCow, or TShirt sizes (XS,M, L, XL) (based on an idea of slav).

You can configure the points system in the options page!

v. 0.33 : fix settings/options page with last version of Google Chrome v. 0.32 : copy trello scrum css bug correction (91e4474569ef2027b9ca5df72fbc86aa843907da) v. 0.2 : Extension options, v. 0.1 : first available version.

A comptete rework of original "Trello Scrum" extension with, IMHO, better filter handling.

Points for Trello Chrome extension Download

It is the Points for Trello google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Points for Trello chrome extension (CRX)

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