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Print This Frame! chrome extension

Print This Frame! Google chrome Extension overview

Print This Frame! chrome extension is Right-click -> Print this frame... -> :-).

Need to print the contents of a frame No problem!

This handy extension will get the job done.

Just right-click on any frame, click "Print this frame...", click Print and BAM!


When you close the new tab with the frame you wanted to print, itll even pop you right back on the tab you were just on (if it still exists) so you dont lose your place in the tab jungle.

Changelog: 1.2 - july 29th, 2014 * Reinstated auto-close functionality as it should now work with all versions of Chrome * Cleaned up event listeners 1.1.1 – july 29th, 2014 * Removed the auto-close functionality since this conflicts with the Stable version of chrome 1.1 – july 24th, 2014 * Restructured code to avoid “callback hell“ * Automatically closed the opened tab upon print or Cancel 1.0 – july 24th, 2014 * initial public release

Print This Frame! Chrome extension Download

It is the Print This Frame! google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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