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    Quick source viewer
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    Tomi Mickelsson
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Quick source viewer chrome extension

Quick source viewer Google chrome Extension overview

Quick source viewer chrome extension is View current page sources: HTML + Javascript + CSS.

Displays HTML, Javascript and CSS sources of a page in a fast and compact way.

source code is syntax colorized and beautified for easy reading.

Badge in the toolbar shows javascript node counts.

File size and cache header is displayed.

display onclick handlers with inline javascript.

Look and feel can be modified with custom CSS.

Copy to clipboard.

Line numbers.

selected urls can be hilighted in the list of source files.

open source - https://github.com/tomimick/chrome-ext-view-src Blog - http://tomicloud.com/2012/07/viewsrc-chrome-ext

Quick source viewer Chrome extension Download

It is the Quick source viewer google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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