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Reddit Enhancement Suite chrome extension

Reddit Enhancement Suite Google chrome Extension overview

Reddit Enhancement Suite chrome extension is A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience.

NOTE: reddit enhancement suite is developed independently, and is not officially endorsed by or affiliated with reddit.

Permissions explained for the privacy conscious: - history - the history permission is required in order to add URLs that you expand using the inline image viewer to your history (e.g.

"make them purple") - cookies - the cookies permission is required for Account Switcher to work.

res needs to be able to reset your logged-in cookie before attempting to log you into another account.

- tabs - the tabs permission allows res to communicate between open tabs of reddit so that a change you make to settings, data, etc in one tab is propagated to other reddit tabs you have open.

- flickr, imgur, other sites: - this is the one where google really upsets me... they say "RES has access to your data on ... sites" -- this is NOT THE CASE.

res needs permission to call out to imgur, flickr etc in order to get the direct URL to each image in an album, for example -- or to flickr to get the direct URL to the one image that is linked.

This is what allows you to expand it without leaving the homepage.

Permissions are further explained on our wiki page here: - RES has always had history and tabs permissions because it needs to be able to mark image links purple when you expand them.

There is absolutely no collection or sale of your data going on whatsoever.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a suite of tools to enhance your reddit browsing experience.

It includes features such as: - never ending reddit - never click "next page" again!

- Inline Image Viewer - adds buttons to view images without leaving the page, including support for imgur albums and more - Keyboard Navigation - browse reddit more efficiently than ever before with keyboard shortcuts for most functionality - Uppers and Downers - see the hidden vote totals that reddit provides behind the scenes - Account Switcher - switch accounts easily and quickly - User Tagger - keep track of users you run across frequently, complete with color coded tags, etc.

To read more about the features of Reddit Enhancement Suite, please see NOTE: Chromes description of permissions is a little bit scarier sounding that it probably should be.

When it says "RES can access your data on [sites]", what it means is that RES can make requests to those sites.

res uses api calls to sites like flickr, imgur, twitter and o

Reddit Enhancement Suite Chrome extension Download

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