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Reddit Hover Text chrome extension

Reddit Hover Text Google chrome Extension overview

Reddit Hover Text chrome extension is Shows the content of a reddit text post when you hover on it's link..

Displays the contents of text submissions in a box under the link when you hover on the link.

Does the same thing hover zoom does for images but for text submissions.

Very convenient if you read a lot of self subreddits.

Version 0.7 fixes a bug which broke all links starting with the letter g ( for example).

Version 0.6 Support for res night mode.

Version 0.5 fixes a silly mistake made in 0.4.

Version 0.4 fixes issues related to changes in the reddit page structure and https forcing.

Version 0.3 fixes res never-ending scroll and significantly improved performance.

Reddit Hover Text Chrome extension Download

It is the Reddit Hover Text google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Reddit Hover Text chrome extension (CRX)

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