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RFCRestyle chrome extension

RFCRestyle Google chrome Extension overview

RFCRestyle chrome extension is Restyles ietf.org RFC (HTML) pages for reduced eye strain and easier navigation. Adjustable colors, and fixed position TOC..

Restyles ietf.org html rfc and draft rfc pages for reduced eye strain and easier navigation.

Any html version of an ietf.org rfc (urls matching http OR https ://tools.ietf.org/html/*****) will initiate a page action that by default will restyle the page and make some adjustments to the HTML.

The primary results of which are: 1) An improved look and feel to the page, making it easier to read.

2) A fixed position table of Contents is created in the top-right corner.

3) The color coded legend hidden in the page becomes more easily accessible.

The styling is mostly color oriented, but includes changing the default monospace font to "Consolas, Inconsolata, monospace" (in that order of preference) with support for Inconsolata provided by google web fonts.

Plus, the page is centralized and smoothed, making it far easier on the eye (and neck).

The page is read by script and from it a Table of Contents is created and placed in the top-right corner of the window.

It can be toggled open/closed by mouse clicks or by pressing the "T" key.

The ToC remains in position as you scroll, so that all page links are accessible at all times (including a link to the top of the page).

A color coded legend that is present in all html rfc pages is made more accessible by the addition of some new html, styling, and scripting.

Left clicking the "RFCRestyle" icon will usher forth the options pop-up.

This pop-up includes all the controls for setting and saving the available colors and styling options.

There is also an option for disabling automatic restyling on page load.

All aspects of the extension have been built with accessibility in mind, and no features should be hard to use for anyone.

Keyboard and mouse access has been well tested, but touch screen access hasnt (although it should be fine).

Privacy: This extension does not handle any personal data or collect any data beyond remembering the users choice of styles to apply to RFC pages.

It does not communicate its activity or the users with any other application than the browser its an extension of.

Change Log: 16th april 2016 - version Changed "offline_enabled" (in the manifest) to "false" as this is a contentious issue, and removed documentation disclaimer about the contention.

28th june 2015 - Version A few changes to the CSS to compensate for changes made to the markup.

Please let me know if you see anything unpleasant.


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