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Rotisserie URL Rotator chrome extension

Rotisserie URL Rotator Google chrome Extension overview

Rotisserie URL Rotator chrome extension is Rotate URLs in one Chrome tab..

Automatically rotate through URLs in one tab.

=================================== Due to the way chrome extension storage is handled, there is no way (that Im aware of) to save the URLs during an upgrade.

Im looking into a way to do bulk updates.

=================================== Rotisserie takes your currently selected tab and rotates through URLs that you provide pausing for the amount of seconds you set (minimum 15 seconds) and continuing until you close the tab.

Rotisserie was created for using google chrome to create a kiosk-like display either in fullscreen mode or to a Chromecast (with the google cast extension) where you would like to display rotating internet (or offline) content.

Change the refresh rate and url settings by right-clicking on the rotisserie icon next to your address bar and choosing "Options".

v1.0.3: Bug Fix: Fixed bug where URLs were being truncated on the options page.

Removed restriction for "http:" and "https:" protocols only.

v1.0.2: Updated options to allow the refresh rate to be set per url.

Added the ability to show urls randomly.

v0.4.5 - v1.0.1: Non-release versions.

Thanks Preem.

v0.4.4: Bug Fix: fixed active state not being set properly.

v0.4.3: initial public release

Rotisserie URL Rotator Chrome extension Download

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