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Screen Capturing Google Chrome Extension Download

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Screen Capturing chrome extension

Screen Capturing Google chrome Extension overview

Screen Capturing chrome extension is Capture full-screen or specific application's screen on any HTTPs domain!.

This webrtc screen capturing extension can be used in all domains, in all WebRTC applications :) It merely captures the screen and returns sourceId.

Your application can use that sourceId to use screen stream.

It is open-sourced here: Use getScreenId.js: --------------------------------------- FOR THOSE WHO wanna understand insights: --------------------------------------- This chrome extension doesnt do anything itself.

It simply plays role of a "helper".

Your HTML pages can make requests to this extension, and itll a "string" back to your HTML page.

That "string" can be used along with "getUserMedia" API to capture screen.-------it is all out of security concerns regarding sharing the screens.

If you dont want to deploy similar extension yourself, then you simply need to use following code in your HTML page to support screen capturing: If youre advance user, and you want to deploy a private/public extension for your own company, then you can take the entire extension code from this link: After deploying your extension yourself, you can use following script to integrate screen capturing in your HTML pages: Again, just for clarification: 1) This extension doesnt do anything itself 2) Your HTML pages can make requests to get a string named as "source-id" 3) Then your HTML pages can use that "source-id" to capture screen Just for your information, there is another extension as well that allows you share screen by clicking extension-icon (from toolbar).

That extension isnt integrated in your HTML pages.

In simple words, it is a standalone extension:

Screen Capturing Chrome extension Download

It is the Screen Capturing google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Screen Capturing chrome extension (CRX)

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