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Send Page chrome extension

Send Page Google chrome Extension overview

Send Page chrome extension is Allows you to easily send the url of a page, link, image or video per mail..

This extension adds a new context menu entry called "Send this page.." when right clicking a image, video, link or page.

By clicking on "Send this page.." your default (local or web) mail client will create a new mail with the page title as subject and the link as message body.

It provides a fast way to quickly send a link to the current website per e-mail to somebody.

It works with local mail clients and webmail accounts like gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Note that if you use a local mail client a default mail client must be registered on the computer.

For sources, latest changes and troubleshoot infos go to:

Send Page Chrome extension Download

It is the Send Page google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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