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Silk Test Chrome Extension chrome extension is Silk Test requires this extension to test Chrome..

silk test requires this extension to test Chrome..

This Extension is automatically installed when using borland silk test.

You can download an evaluation version here: WHY CHOOSE SILK TEST Robust and portable functional test automation for web, native, and enterprise software applications.

Silk Tests portability enables users to test applications more effectively with lower complexity and cost in comparison to other test automation tools on the market.

Silk Tests role based testing enables non-technical business stakeholders, QA engineers, and developers to contribute to test creation, which drives collaboration and increases the effectiveness of testing.

CROSS-BROWSER TESTING MADE EASY One of the main challenges in test automation is to create and maintain tests cost effectively.

As different browsers behave differently, web application validation is hard to carry out productively.

silk test enables you to focus on writing tests, as it handles 3 areas in cross-browser testing.

These include built-in synchronization, a unified object model and out-of-the-box recording of a cross-browser script.

Out-of-the-box recording of a cross-browser script Record a script once and replay it in all the other browsers, without any modifications.

This significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to create and maintain test scripts.

Nothing is simulated - testing is carried out across real browsers, which ensures that the test behaves exactly as is does for your end user.

PRIVACY POLICY No data is shared or synced.

Silk Test Chrome Extension is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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