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Silver Bird chrome extension

Silver Bird Google chrome Extension overview

Silver Bird chrome extension is Silver Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account..

Silver Bird is an awesome twitter client extension for Google Chrome with lots of features.

This extension was previously known as Chromed Bird, but has since been renamed silver bird.

Some of the most important features are: * check trending topics right inside the extension; * Support for real time timeline updates; * Upload images from inside the extension; (Chrome 8+ and not yet on OS X) * Change extensions locale from inside the options page; * Expand the original tweet replies are referring to; * Follow / Unfollow users by using the inline user actions menu; * Browse tweets from a specific user directly inside the extension; * Add and remove timeline tabs "on the fly" using the new right-click context menu; * create custom search queries that will update automatically; * preview image links by hovering them (Thanks to Takuo Kitame); * See all your tweets in an unified timeline; * Follow your timelines (including @mentions, lists, DMs and favorites) and navigate through your tweets; * Compose, reply, RT, share, favorite and delete tweets; * create short urls within the extension; * preview shortened urls before clicking them; * Track read / unread tweets; * notify user whenever new tweets arrive; Changelog: google group: FAQ: **** Attention **** Because of two features (showing tweets on page when they arrive, and the ability to use a different URL to connect to Twitters API) Google Chrome will warn you about the requested permissions for the extension.

Theres nothing to worry about in this fact.

Silver Bird will never grab any personal information from you, it doesnt even have access to your Twitters password.

All permissions are only required because its the only way to implement all these cool features like showing tweets when they arrive without having to click on the icon.

If youre still worried youre invited to review the source code yourself, and remember that lots of people may do the same.

Its all open and available here: also remember that the set of permissions for Silver Bird is the same as a bunch of other extensions (e.g.

Google Translate, AdThwart, StumbleUpon, etc)

Silver Bird Chrome extension Download

It is the Silver Bird google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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