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Simple Highlighter (deprecated) chrome extension

Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Google chrome Extension overview

Simple Highlighter (deprecated) chrome extension is Highlights, annotates, translates, full or quick references (eg:, wikipedia), speech, and more.

simple highlighter 2 - Less Simple, More Highlighter.

(c) 2010-2015 IMPORTANT: As of now this extension is OFFICIALLY DEPRECATED.

That means, barring natural disaster, it WONT be updated again, and will fall into (even more) disrepair.

Please dont contact me regarding support for this particular extension.

I *STRONGLY* recommended you use my new super simple highlighter extension, which is a more simple, modern rewrite of the core elements.

Either search for it, or go directly to DOCUMENTATION ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION FOLLOWS: WHAT IS SIMPLE HIGHLIGHTER Fundamentally, Simple Highlighter is a chrome extension that enables you to select ranges of text on a page, and highlight them with a colour.

This highlight can then have a note associated with it (a short piece of text).

A summary of the highlights and their notes can be displayed by clicking on the popup dialog).

Furthermore, Simple Highlighter can try to remember these highlights and notes, so when you return to the page they are shown again.

IF YOU read nothing else, READ THIS PART * To completely disable or uninstall this (or any other) extension, either go to chrome://extensions , or go to Extensions on the Tools menu, or right click on the icon to the right of the URL (choosing disable from this menu disables the ENTIRE extension ALWAYS).

* Many more options, including colours, styles and shortcuts, are available by right clicking on the highlighter icon to the right of the URL and choosing options (if available), OR via the menu button -> tools -> extensions page, OR at the URL chrome://extensions (these all lead to the same place), * Extensions are disabled on chrome extension gallery pages (ie: this page), but enabled everywhere else.

CHANGELOG (2013/24/06): Comply with new Chrome manifest version (2012/18/06): Local file support (which no longer works) (2012/04/06): Add source language flag to translation icons Fix export highlights to file and Save Summary to file in chrome 19. (2012/06/04): Documentation link on options page (2012/04/03): reinstated flickr support removed yahoo support fixed translation/speech in popup (2012/19/01): Note storage bug, message errors, replay audio with google text to speech via popup NB: highlights import via the popup doesnt work, due to chrome bug 104222 (, theres nothing I can do about it until its fixed.

2.1.6 (2011/11

Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Chrome extension Download

It is the Simple Highlighter (deprecated) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Simple Highlighter (deprecated) chrome extension (CRX)

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