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Simply Block Ads! Google Chrome Extension Download

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Simply Block Ads! chrome extension

Simply Block Ads! Google chrome Extension overview

Simply Block Ads! chrome extension is Internet simply without ads!.

"1click, no more unwanted flashing banner" As one of our user review says and we couldnt agree more with that.

simple simple simple These are the three main foundations we use to build our extensions.

Everybody can use it, your brother, sister, mom, grandma, ... everyone.

Just try it for your self.

For FREE you will get rid of: - Youtube pre-videos ads - in-site ads - pop-up ads - text-ads - background ads - whole-site ads Simple to manage, simple to use, simple to be happy.

simple adblock is published under gplv3 license available at

Simple Adblock is a derivative originally developed by Michael Gundlach.

About the developer is a team of developer enthusiastic to Chrome Extensions and Mozilla Add-ons.

We love developing extensions for users and we are happy to hear new ideas and any feedback from you.

That is why you can write us on [email protected] anytime and be sure that we will reply.

Stay tuned for new extensions.

We are planning to make a lot of them!

With love team By downloading you agree to our EULA and privacy policy available at

Simply Block Ads! Chrome extension Download

It is the Simply Block Ads! google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Simply Block Ads! chrome extension (CRX)

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