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SingleFile chrome extension

SingleFile Google chrome Extension overview

SingleFile chrome extension is Archive a complete page into a single HTML file.

SingleFile can also be used as an alternative to snapshot/screenshot/capture page extensions.

1- Instructions: - wait until the page is fully loaded: you may need to scroll down the entire page and hover dynamic document elements (e.g.

"rollover" images) to be sure all elements are loaded - click on the SingleFile icon in the Chrome toolbar (or press ctrl shift S) to launch page processing - wait until the save banner appears at the top the page - click on the link into the banner to save the page in default download folder Additional notes: - during installation the extension will ask you to install "SingleFile Core", follow install instructions or download it from here: - you can use the context menu to process the whole page ("process page"), the selected part of a page ("process selection") or a frame ("process frame") - since version 0.3.0 of SingleFile, the default behavior is to show a banner, which allows you to easily save the page into the Downloads directory.

To use the Chrome File->Save As... dialog and save the file to a selected location, uncheck the "display save banner" and "display save notification" in the options page (right click on SingleFile icon, select Options).

2 - General notes - saved files are compatible with Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror and partially with internet explorer 8 (see help page) *without installing any extension* - SingleFile uses "data URI" scheme to embed image and frame contents into the page : the resulting format is not MHT/MHTML.

- right-click on SingleFile icon and select "Options" to open the options page 3 - More info See the extension help in options page for more detailed information about options, technical notes and known issues.

>> Do you want to open original page when viewing a saved page try "Open Original for SingleFile" >> >> Are you looking for an advanced archive manager try "PageArchiver" >> >> Do you want to save multiple tabs in a zip file try "ZipTabs" >> 4 - Issues If you find an unknown issue (i.e.

frozen process, extra saved files, blank or altered document, tab crash...): - check known issues in singlefile help page - reset options in singlefile options page - if option reseting did not work, try to uncheck display save notification and display save banner an

SingleFile Chrome extension Download

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