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  • 1 Bot - Anaconda Extreme chrome extension Bot - Anaconda Extreme Google chrome Extension overview Bot - Anaconda Extreme chrome extension is Bot - Anaconda (The Only Bot That Works!).

The best bot (and the only one which realy works) for free.

Get the biggest snake and reach the Leaderboard on auto pilot.

Remove any other extensions or scripts.

(For example " extended" or any others) Install this extention goto and become a super human.

Hotkeys ------------ Key Result T/Right Click Bot enabled/disabled O Mobile rendering - Try this if you experience lag A/S radius multiplier D quick radius change - "approach" and "avoid" mode I Auto respawn G Leaderboard overlay Y Visual debugging U Log debugging H Overlays B Background Change Mouse wheel Zoom in/out Z Reset zoom ESC Quick respawn Q Quit to menu Bot - Anaconda Extreme Chrome extension Download

It is the Bot - Anaconda Extreme google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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