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  • 1 cheats chrome extension cheats Google chrome Extension overview cheats chrome extension is Mods to It adds the ability to play with friends, map scale.

Play slither with your friends, see them on a minimap!

IT is a chrome extension that is a must have for people who really like to play

It makes it super easy for you to connect to the same server as someone else by simply sharing a short id.

Features Available Now: Connect to a specific server using an id or ip easily share your server id.

It is available after 5 seconds once you hit play and is shown in the tab title and menu screen easily find unblocked servers at the workplace and/or school *You can disable the mod to play normally by clicking the Logo in the right side of the address bar.

**UNINSTALLING: Go to and right-click on the Logo in the address bar and click "Remove From Chrome...", if that doesnt work, go to the url chrome://extensions and find the extension then click the trash can. cheats Chrome extension Download

It is the cheats google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download cheats chrome extension (CRX)

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