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SomaPlayer chrome extension

SomaPlayer Google chrome Extension overview

SomaPlayer chrome extension is Listen to SomaFM web radio stations from your browser and scrobble tracks to your account..

Changes: Version - somafm station artwork is displayed for each station.

- New appearance for dark and light themes.

- Stations are now sorted alphabetically.

- More accurate scrobbles with album, MusicBrainz ID, and track duration included.

- Tracks are no longer scrobbled as soon as they begin, but rather halfway through the song.

- notifications use the station artwork instead of the somafm logo.

Version - add dark theme option.

Version - change stations while playing without having to hit pause first.

- keep station menu selected.

Hitting Enter will play/pause current station.

use arrow keys or start typing a station name to change to that station.

Version - update github link.

Version - dynamically pull stations from Soma so you always see the latest available stations.

Version - new icon thanks to @rustyhodge at SomaFM.

Version - added stations thistleradio, somafm live, and Earwaves.

- Enable scrobbling as soon as you authenticate with

Version - added stations deep space one, Folk Forward, seven inch soul, and South by soma thanks to Steve Millet.

Version - Updated to work with version 1.3.0 of - show last known track info in the popup as soon as you start playing a station.

Version - added def con and Jolly Ol soul stations.

- fixed desktop notifications thanks to lantrix.

Listening to somafm radio stations usually involves going to a stations page and downloading a .pls playlist file.

You then have to open it in iTunes or some other media player.

This extension simplifies that process by no longer requiring you to play the station in an external media player.

You also dont have to navigate to an individual stations web page to download the .pls file.

All the somafm stations are listed right in the extensions popup, accessible by clicking the SomaPlayer icon in your Chrome window.

Choose a station and hit Play.

The popup will update periodically to display the name and artist of the currently playing track.

There are also desktop notifications that will tell you which song is playing; you can disable these notifications on the extensions options page.

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SomaPlayer Chrome extension Download

It is the SomaPlayer google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download SomaPlayer chrome extension (CRX)

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