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StravistiX for Strava Google Chrome Extension Download

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StravistiX for Strava chrome extension

StravistiX for Strava Google chrome Extension overview

StravistiX for Strava chrome extension is Enhance your Strava experience with StravistiX. An opensource web plugin which analyse deeper your activities and segments efforts !.

Follow updates via Note: This extension was named StravaPlus before.

StravistiX extension is just adding some features that riders and runners would like to see in their Strava web.

If theses features could be added by default in Strava...

It could be cool !

consider getting strava premium.

There are a ton of features that you will love.

Remember, this extension has for ambition to enhance the experience of all users (Free and Premium) and tends to keep users loyal in Strava.

Features: - heart rate reserve zones graph (customizable) - trimp stress score - Activity Ratio - Toughness Factor - Estimated Normalized Power - estimated variability index - Estimated Intensity Factor - Normalized Watts / Kg - display advanced speed data - display bike odo in activities - default google map type in activity page - Segment Rank % - default leaderboard filter in segments - Hide challenges in Dashboard - hide created routes in Dashboard - kom map integration - veloviewer trophy case link integration - Integration of VeloViewer / FlyBy - Ergonomics and infos improved And more... ;)

StravistiX for Strava Chrome extension Download

It is the StravistiX for Strava google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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