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Super Netflix chrome extension

Super Netflix Google chrome Extension overview

Super Netflix chrome extension is Change Netflix Video Quality, Upload Custom subtitles, Control Volume and Much More - Make You Experience on Netflix More Enjoyable..

== Do You have any problems or want to request a new feature, Will answer you on our Support website. Is the extension not working anymore for you due to the new netflix interface check the solution here: -------- =========================== =========================== =========================== ===Full List of Features=== Streaming Video Quality ----- Change Video bitrate to play higher quality.

----- **NEW** Auto Choose Video Quality -bitrate- (BETA) ----- accept multiple qualities(Changes automatically according to your internet speed).

**NEW** Binge Watching without Spoilers (BETA) ----- blurred images and episode descriptions, watch tv series without any Spoilers.

Upload Custom subtitles.

----- Support Any Language.

----- Convert and Search for Subtitles in **NEW** Rewind and forward buttons ----- instant rewind and forward 10 seconds.

**NEW** Five mode to change brightness, saturation, and contrast ----- normal (Default from Netflix) ----- Bright ----- Brighter ----- Night ----- Late Night ----- Black and White Changing Netflix Streaming Server (If Streaming is slow try another server).

Control Volume with the mouse wheel.

show streaming info (For Geeks and Nerds ^_^).

Hide Forced Subtitles (Press H or V to toggle the subtitles Hide/Show) Shortcut with your mouse.

----- center click opens changer panel for Video Quality and Streaming Server.

----- right click opens streaming info panel.

Coming soon More Awesome Features, Dont forget to comment and review and tell us what you need next.

** Note ** This extension works only on HTML5 player; Check This Video to Change your Netflix Player.

** Disclaimer ** Netflix is registered trademarks, this extension is not affiliated with Netflix.

Super Netflix Chrome extension Download

It is the Super Netflix google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Super Netflix chrome extension (CRX)

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