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SuperBlock Adblocker chrome extension

SuperBlock Adblocker Google chrome Extension overview

SuperBlock Adblocker chrome extension is The only 5 Star Chrome Content Blocker - Free (and it will be forever).

superblock pro is one, if not the fastest adblockers available for chrome.

We based this extension on the original Adblock for Chrome and made it faster & more reliable.

Additionally we removed the tracking code, changed the default settings to make your browser even faster and last we tested the hell out of it.

superblock pro helps you to surf cleaner and with more privacy.

Loadtimes of websites are way faster and there are no disruptions!

This is a fork of the original AdBlock for Chrome.

We use this code under GPL and removed the tracking code of Adblock for Chrome for your privacy.

This extension is not affiliated or related in any way with: Adblock, Adblock Plus, Adblock Premium, Adguard, Adblock for Youtube, adblock pro, Adblock Super or simply block ads.

Based on version 2.59

SuperBlock Adblocker Chrome extension Download

It is the SuperBlock Adblocker google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download SuperBlock Adblocker chrome extension (CRX)

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