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Tabs Board Chrome Extension, Plugin, Addon Download for Google Chrome Browser

Tabs Board Chrome Extension

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Tabs Board Google Chrome Extension Download

  • Tabs Board for chrome Free download , Tabs Board chrome extension download , Tabs Board addon download for Google chrome
  • Google Chrome Plugin Name
    Tabs Board
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  • Tabs Board Chrome Extension Page
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    5 Chrome Users
  • Extension Author Name:
    Dev. Mohammad M. AlBanna
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    Other Application
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Tabs Board chrome extension

Tabs Board Google chrome Extension overview

Tabs Board chrome extension is Easy way to manage your opened tabs like cards on board, pin your important tabs on extra drawer board, search by voice, and more!.

Manage your opened tabs like cards on board, pin your important tabs on extra drawer board and search about your opened tabs by your voice...need more Discover it!

WARNING: This extension will load in every page, so some websites force its style to this extension, so if youve seen any changes in the extensions style please contact me with the website name: [email protected]

Like Tabs Board Please rate me Features: *) Simple, responsive, transparent board in every tab.

*) Pin your most commonly used tabs in extra drawer board to easy access.

*) Search by tapping the tab title in search box in easy way to show needed tab.

*) Use your voice to search in tabs (Require access to your microphone in Google Chrome).

*) Speech recognition in tab board extension to search for opened tabs support these languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Romanian.

*) Middle click on the tab card to close it.

*) Easy way to manage your opened tabs in current tab, click on your shortcut to open tabs board and move easly between your tabs.

*) The number of opened tabs will be shown on the extension icon.

My Facebook page: www.fb.com/MBanna.info View the logs of versions here: http://goo.gl/WqS9HH Tabs Board chrome extension official page: http://goo.gl/ZJdqNi : http://goo.gl/X9F79C My personal page: www.mbanna.info : www.OutOfPalBox.net My Email: [email protected]

Tabs Board Chrome extension Download

It is the Tabs Board google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Tabs Board chrome extension (CRX)

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