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TabsPlus chrome extension

TabsPlus Google chrome Extension overview

TabsPlus chrome extension is Manage your tabs.

Features: - choose, where will be the focus after closing a tab; - choose default behaviour for a new tab; - you can "pin" current tab, so it will not be used for "last selected" behaviour; Notes: - unfortunately, for today there is no full support for global keyboard shortcuts; - Im not sure, its possible to open every new tab in background; - still thinking about those two annoying problems; ;-) Last changes (24 June 2013): ---------------------------------------- 8.8.5 - updated API (replace deprecated functions/events); 8.8.2 - temporary back from events page to persistent; 8.8.1 - manifest updated to v.2 (Alvin Chong); - html and js are separated now (Alvin Chong); - fixed bug with context menu; 8.1 - fixed bug with "open new tab in background" option; 8.0 - added two options (after closing current tab go to the left or right tab); - small changes and fixes; 7.3 - fixed small bug with context menu appearance; - source code updates for API changes (onActiveChanged insead of onSelectionChanged); 7.2 - added option to use or not context menu addition; - some small fixes; 7.0 - added context menu "Last used TAB"; works on any page, even on chrome:// (starting from Chrome 14); :-)

TabsPlus Chrome extension Download

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