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TabTab - New tab page chrome extension

TabTab - New tab page Google chrome Extension overview

TabTab - New tab page chrome extension is Boost your new tab page with Google Calendar™, Speed Dial, Weather & more and increase your productivity.

Make the best of your new tab page.

You will have your plans from google calendar right at your eyes.

You will know what to do and never forget anything because you see your google tasks on your new tab page.

You will always know the current weather.

And last but not least you will have quick access to your most visited websites, just like you are used to in the basic new tab page.

Imagine all this functionality pack in a beautiful design with spectacular landscape photo from professional photographers as a background.

TabTab is automatically synchronized with Google Calendar™ and Google Tasks™.

For weather tabtab uses the Yahoo Weather™.

TabTab is translated into 7 languages including: English, Russian, German, Portugese, Spanish, Czech and Slovak.

BASICS ADDING & removing widgets To add or remove widgets all you need to do is to click on the toggle widgets link on your new tab page and the popup with the widgets will appear.

You can toggle them on/off by clicking on the buttons and the changes are applied immediately.

editing mode Now you can easily resize your widgets and even change their position.

It gives you a lot of possibilities so you can customize the look of your new tab exactly how you want.

For access this feature click on "Turn on editing mode".

For widget resize, left click and hold on arrow in right down corner of the widget.

Now you can move up, down, right and left for changing the size.

For widget moving you can easily use drag and drop.

widgets clock The clock is really simple and we recommend it to have it always on.

It all works automatically, the date format should be automatically recognized based on your google chrome language.

If you want to change the time and date format, you can to it in the options.

Now you can also select between a digital and analog type of clock.

Choose exactly what you like.

WEATHER This widget shows you the current temperature and weather condition based on your automatically recognized location.

The degrees are automatically set, but you can change them by clicking on the symbol of degrees.

Click on the icon and see more precise weather conditions with forecast powered by Yahoo.

DAILY NEWS daily news widget brings you an easy way how to be informed by the latest content from your favorite websites.

All news are sorted from newest to oldest.

With Daily news widget you can switch between feeds that you added by

TabTab - New tab page Chrome extension Download

It is the TabTab - New tab page google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download TabTab - New tab page chrome extension (CRX)

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