Best 2 Safe Light Weight Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total 2 safe light weight plugins - 491
Light Youtube Auto Replay Chrome extension download
Light Youtube Auto Replay Light Youtube Auto Replay, It's light and simple!

light, tiny small size light weight application, tiny small size, video progress bar reach, light weight application, replayed automatically, youtube video, bug report suggestion, option menu, light youtube auto replay

Bear Draws Chrome extension download
Bear Draws Use this painting extension to create funny looking cartoon painting.

cartoon painting, either draw line, light weight, fun online, use, painting extension, great painting tool, light weight drawing extension, operate controls, create funny, painting tool, draw line rectangle

BMI and Ideal Weight calculator Chrome extension download
BMI and Ideal Weight calculator This extension calculates your BMI and ideal weight to help you track your weight loss targets.

ideal weight height, bmi weight, body mass index, current weight, useful browser extension, graphical representation, wrong usage, weight loss targets, extension calculates, bmi weightinkg , ideal weight

SoundCloud Songs Downloader Chrome extension download
SoundCloud Songs Downloader A very simple and light weight extension that lets you download any SoundCloud track.

simply clicking, light, download button, simple light weighted easy, light weight extension, use chrome extension, download tracks, soundcloud downloader, soundcloud website, soundcloud track

Color Links Chrome extension download
Color Links This extension allows you to change the color of your visited links

color links, quick visual confirmation, search results, light weight, page search results, page toggle color links, multiple color options, turn color links, light weight extension, visited link, color links enhances, visited links, users navigate visited page search results, color deficient users, open source repository

Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) Chrome extension download
Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on chrome startup

unauthorized access, refer screenshots, enable extension, weight extension, chrome users, user data, display en, eswaryaga gmail, chrome startup, browser opera lock, set password, ultra light weight extension, incognito mode

eSafely Chrome extension download
eSafely eSafely parental controls add-on provides safe access to Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook Chat and Safe Search, free of adult content

safe search free, popular web resources, kids safe, kid safe access, offers safe access, realtime image filtering, realtime image filteringreplacement approach offers, safe search, inappropriate images, youtubes safety mode, safe access, kid safe search kid, esafelys offers, present safety features, safe images, esafely delivers, kid safe images, inappropriate content, delivers web results free, kid safe chat, kid safe youtube, web search, inappropriate messages, parental controls

Stock Market Quotes Chrome extension download
Stock Market Quotes Live stock market quotes ticker and monitor.

stock quote, stock market, stocks variation charts, absolute numbers, light weight ticker, stock raises, weight ticker, stocks fluctuation, stocks choose, scrolling speed, different themes, live stock market, set click stock quote, set alerts

Quick Playlist Chrome extension download
Quick Playlist Quick Play List (QPL) for YouTube allows you to create a quick play list from your favourite YouTube videos

local playlist, multiple youtube tabs, quick play list, clear entire playlist, light weight, temporary play, open multiple tabs, multiple tabs, youtube videos, save youtube videos, quick playlist qpl, quick playlist, simple lightweight nofrill local playlist builder, autoplay next video feature, temporary play list, temporary playlist, quick play, nofrill light weight product

Safe Surf Chrome extension download
Safe Surf Chili Security Safe Surf adds a strong and non-intrusive layer of security to your browsing experience.

suspicious websites, website pages, phishing attempts, every time, browsing behavior, blocks suspicious, privacy policy, superior protection, safe surf, nonintrusive layer, safe surf examines, security safe surf, safe surf shows, facebook wall, fraudulent websites

Exercise with Clicks Chrome extension download
Exercise with Clicks Keep track of the weight you have lost just by clicking your mouse!

kilocalorie food calorie, kilocaloriefood calorie, various charts, assumed weight loss, click history, weight, track, click, much weight

Safe Facebook Chrome extension download
Safe Facebook Safe Facebook detects, cleans and prevents malware from leveraging your Facebook account to spead. Safe Facebook s? phát hi?n và…

n c c m c, chn ph ng, prevents malware, ngn chn ph t t, safe facebook ph hin, safe facebook detects cleans, cp t i, gi bn dng facebook mt, dng facebook mt c ch, safe facebook, gi p bn, ph t hi, c website gi mo, ph t hin v, share chng nh cp khon facebook

Alexa Rank Chrome extension download
Alexa Rank The fastest and very light weight. It shows the Alexa Rank of the current web page.

shows, light weight, google chrome, hand, seo professionals, alexa rank, helping hand, current web page, dont wish

Tab-less Chrome extension download
Tab-less Disables tabs for tab-less browsing

pull requests, light weight, current page, extension overrides, new tab, feedback hear, browsing history, open windows, arrange windows, tabless browsing, extension disables, new window

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Downloader Download Facebook Videos and Save them directly from facebook to your computer or mobile for Free

download hd videos, downloading youtube video, 2 safe light weight, download facebook video, install video downloader, facebook official network, download facebook videos, intellectual property rights, save videos, advanced video downloader, download videos, friends download videos, support youtube, video downloader, facebook extension, video downloader works, download facebook videos save videos, downloading download, support downloading youtube video, start downloading videos

Tab Finder Light - Too Many Tabs ? Chrome extension download
Tab Finder Light - Too Many Tabs ? Have too many tabs open? Now you can have a way to manage them. Just click on the extension icon and see a summary of all open tabs.

nice light layout, much simpler, open tabs, tab finder light, google analytics usage, right tab, tab finder, modify anything, light layout, browsing data, tabs open, extension icon

Tagu Lite Chrome extension download
Tagu Lite Detect zawgyi and unicode. Light weight version of Tagu. Not include font embed.

include font, detect zawgyi, version, unicode, light weight version, include font embed, tagu

Safe Kitten Chrome extension download
Safe Kitten Replaces pornography and other adult content with pictures of lovely kittens.

pages images, domain match returns, adult sites, click disable, site isnt, blocked sites, block list, flash banners, disable safe kitten, safe kitten blocks, safe kitten, fixed bug, fixed domain matching bug, completely blocked, adult content

AdBlock Chrome extension download
AdBlock AdBlock with bonus functionality

mcafee norton safe web, preview web page, browser check, google incognito window, safe preview, enter norton safeweb security images, viruses phishing, safe preview icon, regular antivirus programs, norton safe web, web antivirus services, full privacy control, website tracking scripts, web antivirus, regular antivirus, check destination url, drweb online check

SBRO Safe Gate Chrome extension download
SBRO Safe Gate Access any website securely with SBRO Safe Gate.

sbro, hello sbro, safe gate, sbro safe gate extension, access, website, websites, website securely, personal information, sbro safe gate, safe gate extension allows

Trade Me Quick Links Chrome extension download
Trade Me Quick Links Simple light-weight extension for easy access to Search, Watchlist, $1 Reserve, My TradeMe, Help and more

trademe, reserve, simple lightweight extension, help, search, watchlist, simple light weight extension, search watchlist reserve, easy access

Quick SEO - PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool Chrome extension download
Quick SEO - PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool Fast & light weight SEO tool to analyze PageRank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank and other SEO metrics.

free tool analyze backlinks, weight seo tool, use seo tool, current page homepage, tool analyze backlinks, backlinks data alexa traffic rank, pagerank backlinks alexa rank, analyze pagerank backlinks alexa rank, adplanner traffic estimate, important seo signals, seo metrics pagerank, seo metrics, org wayback machine, traffic estimate, analyze seo metrics, easy access, seo tool, org wayback machine domain, light weight seo tool

Password Safe Box Chrome extension download
Password Safe Box Save your password into the safe box.

private information, extension popup window, enter password, private letter daily, feature ensure, network privileges, usa goverment, safe box, aes encryption algorithm, encryption algorithm, google cloud, password safe box, computer memory report Chrome extension download report Let's create family-safe internet. We block websites with bad content.

create family safe internet, internet websites, safe internet, significant amount, family safe, create kindsafe safe internet, browser plugins, semantic text parsing, create kindsafe, familysafe internet, crawl internet websites, block websites

FlyCow SafeBrowser Chrome extension download
FlyCow SafeBrowser The FlyCow SafeBrowser Toolbar provides a fast and secure browsing experience by automatically identifying safe and dangerous sites.

secure browsing experience, safe browsing, internet explorer browsers, browsing experience easier, safe browser, flycow safebrowser toolbar, safe browser toolbar, flycow safe browser toolbar, dangerous sites, safe sites, safebrowser toolbar, browsing experience, internet explorer, safebrowser toolbar protects, reliable failsafe connection, safe browser toolbar identifies

Avetix Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
Avetix Safe Browsing Avetix Safe Browsing

safe browsing, plugin works, protect, avetix safe browsing, avetix safe browsing plugin works, avetix, family, avetix antivirus, surf, malicious web pages

Lightshot (screenshot tool) Chrome extension download
Lightshot (screenshot tool) Simple and convenient screenshot tool. Select an area, edit your screenshot and upload it to the server.

similar screenshots, mail support skillbrains, light weight, lightshot displays notification, privacy policy, copy screenshot, edit screenshot, bug reports, extension permissions, nothing useless, upload screenshot, save screenshot, history chrome adds, convenient screenshot tool, request tabs manipulation permission

Iris Chrome extension download
Iris Software for eye protection

blue light, trasnparent overlay, lowering blue light, avoid eye pain, avoid eye, iris, eye protection, first blue light filter app, software, monitors

Work Hours Tracker Chrome extension download
Work Hours Tracker App to track your daily working hours.

work hours app, daily working hours, track, app, months data, work hours, light weight app, help, last months data, maintain

Incognito This Tab Chrome extension download
Incognito This Tab Open current tab in an incognito window.

current tab, open current tab, lightweight extension, special permission, alt toolbar button, context menu, context menu option, keyboard shortcut, toolbar button, light weight extension doesn require, malicious activity, incognito mode, alt

Panda Safe Web Chrome extension download
Panda Safe Web Panda Safe Web is the best tool to browse the Internet safely and quickly. It blocks malware, blocks ads and tracking.

safe web, malicious results, search engine, secretly tracking, dangerous sites, blocks unwanted advertising, panda safe web, blocks malware, automatically blocks dangerous sites, blocks ads, prevents analytics sites, fraudware sites

Instafeed Chrome extension download
Instafeed Your Instagram feed light and fast.

light, chrome light, instagram extension, use instafeed, instafeed focus, fast, instagram feed light, sleek design, chrome

3C-Capture Crop Create Chrome extension download
3C-Capture Crop Create Capture parts of a page or entire sites and then edit and share your image!

added share, light weight screenshot tool, screen capture parts, virtex edge logo, screenshot tool allowing, adjustable crop resizer, google web, imgur redirect url, added changelog file, capture parts, google web store

Wget GUI Light Chrome extension download
Wget GUI Light Add to context menu for links, images and media option for sending url to "Wget GUI Light". Check "Settings" before use!

check, sending url, images, links images, wget gui light check settings, settings, media option, wget gui light, context menu, url, wget gui light github github, links

Browser Calories Chrome extension download
Browser Calories The easiest way to measure your performance budget

costs money, median page weight, browser calories exists, performance budget, affects conversion, source code, page weight, super important metric, page

Norton Safe Search as default for Chrome Chrome extension download
Norton Safe Search as default for Chrome Search safely online by enabling Norton Safe Search as your default search provider for maximum protection on Chrome.

unsafe web results, online threats, search results, default search provider, norton safe search, automatically filtering unsafe web results, maximum protection, search provider, maximum web protection, norton identity safe, safe search defends, norton security product

Simple Autofill Chrome extension download
Simple Autofill Presents a simple dropdown menu for textboxes from a list of preconfigured items.

nofrills extension, light weight, simple dropdown menu, extension displays menu, matching items, dropdown menu, sensitive data, extension displays, options page, option settings, entering sensitive data, sync api

ClassicEtherWallet CX Chrome extension download
ClassicEtherWallet CX ClassicEtherWallet Web Extension

com wallet, classicetherwallet web extension, full eth wallet, light weight, ethereumproject etherwallet full eth wallet donations, open source javascript client, use etc, open source, full node, install full node, clientside etc wallet

Google Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
Google Safe Browsing This extension check the url's you visiting for malware

url visiting automatically, website contains, every url, url, malware, google safe browsing lookup api, safe browsing lookup api, u visiting, extension check, extension checks

uCoz - Safe authorization Chrome extension download
uCoz - Safe authorization Safe authorization in a single click at uCoz websites. More than a million websites support this system of authorization.

full html, free ucoz website builder support, support uid, ucoz website builder, ucoz safe authorization, uid websites, application allows, support ucoz safe authorization, safe login allows, ucoz websites, website builder, another uid websites, ucoz safe authorization application, websites support, create website, users account, free ucoz website builder allows, ucoz website builder support uid authorization, safe authorization, safe login

GAMEDIA Porn Blocker - Anti Porno Protection Chrome extension download
GAMEDIA Porn Blocker - Anti Porno Protection Blocks access to websites with adult content. The easiest way to protect your children and your family against porn.

secure search, safe search automatically, safe search, gamedia porn protection allows, gamedia porn protection, porn sites, contain keywords, porn pages, blocks access, google safe search automatically, adult content

Shaadi Photo Zoom Chrome extension download
Shaadi Photo Zoom The best way to view photos on!

profile photos, profile page etc, profile page, icon change, profile pic, extension icon change, simple light weight extension, important note , shaadi photo zoom, feeds notifications search profile, change version

SBRO Search Safeguard Chrome extension download
SBRO Search Safeguard Search Safeguard locks Safe Search for popular Search Engines like Google, YouTube and Bing/Yahoo.

yahoo enforce restricted mode, online hygiene approach, popular search engines, safe search, hello sbro, sbro search safeguard extension forces safe search, online hygiene, sbro search safeguard extension forces, surf web, enforce safe search, google youtube, google enforce, safe search features, bing yahoo, search safeguard

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad Simple Notepad with Auto-Save feature for storing general information

cloud backup, advanced notepad, advance notepad, light weight notepad extension, remembers caret position, auto save, cloud backup panel, offline support, use tab key, cloud server, cloud backup support, added cloud backup support, simple notepad, auto save notes, numbers links

Blue Light Filter Guard Chrome extension download
Blue Light Filter Guard Blue Light Filter Guard may follow the use of the environment and individual status, set the filter level and mode.

eye injury, color filters, harmful blue light, blue light, eye health protection mode, eye health protection mode green increase, individual status, blue light filter guard, individual status set, eye health, filter level, increase contrast gray, mild color filters

Norton Home Page for Chrome Chrome extension download
Norton Home Page for Chrome Safely search the web from your home page on Chrome, with Norton. Stay away from phishing and other risky sites.

unsafe web results, download norton, search results, safe search, online threats, norton safe search, home page, norton home page, automatically filtering, new tabs page, maximum web protection, online scams, safe note, web results

Light Saber Chrome extension download
Light Saber light saber cursor that follows you

light saber, cursor, change, light saber cursor, sound, color, turn, send, color turn

WhenX: Mark Linkedin Profiles with notes Chrome extension download
WhenX: Mark Linkedin Profiles with notes Candidate notes for Linkedin profiles. Synchronized with Google Search. Shared with your team.

candidate status, project management tool, search results, linkedin notes, timestamps notes, stack overflow link, collective candidate knowledge, todo list tools, search google, candidate notes, team candidate notes, applicant tracking system, applicant tracking, avoid opening pages, top recruiting teams, google search, whenx notes, light weight applicant

Safe Download Chrome extension download
Safe Download Automatically check if a safe mirror is available for the software you are looking for.

safe mirror, scan hosted software, free software downloading service, google chrome extension, automatically check, notice, software, service, forumer, free software, user

McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing Search and browse safer online.

trustedsite ratings, safe sites, valid ssl certificate verifies, mcafee secure, phishing attacks, mcafee secure service, site lets, site youre, bad ones, browse safer online

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