Best Activities Links Chrome Extension Alternatives

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MultiTimer ZN Chrome extension download
MultiTimer ZN This multi timer will allow you to keep track of the time you spend on different activities.

specific activity, keyboard shortcuts, multiple activities, different activities, multiple checkpoints, track time, key features, different projects, multiple timers, multi timer

Twitter Notifier for Chrome Chrome extension download
Twitter Notifier for Chrome Notifies you about Twitter activities via desktop notifications.

twitter activities, new activities, new followers, features coming, twitter timeline, desktop notifications, notification box, twitter account, blacklisting users, extension notifies

QuickBit for Fitbit Chrome extension download
QuickBit for Fitbit QuickBit is the fastest way to log your Fitbit activities.

common activities choose, run bike swim bike, fitness goals, morning run, common activities, run refreshing swim, quick click, fitbit activities, fitbit dashboard stay hydrated, water, total daily water consumption, fitbit dashboard, total daily water

Cliqued.In Chrome extension download
Cliqued.In Enable every webpage with the Cliqued.In API

toggle button, instant access, bookmarking activities, chrome browser, link insights, update links, adds cliqued, button, every webpage

GarminKeeper Chrome extension download
GarminKeeper Helps exporting Garmin Connect activities to RunKeeper.

adds export, export, garmin, connect activities, gpx file, garminkeeper helps exporting garmin connect activities, runkeeper form manually, opens runkeeper page, garminkeeper, activity menu, downloads gpx file, runkeeper, helps exporting garmin connect activities, runkeeper form

Destiny Database Tooltips Chrome extension download
Destiny Database Tooltips Display tooltips on links to and the Armory.

tooltips, bungie, destinytracker, items quests sources activities, net armory, show detailed tooltips, display tooltips, com, com database, links

Loadr - Daily Links Chrome extension download
Loadr - Daily Links Your favorite bookmarks, only one click away.

extension icon, social bookmarks, leave feedback, x hours, chrome web, every x minutes, x days, google account, allow easy navigation, context menu, open bookmarks, set bookmarks, chrome web store, daily bookmarking activities

Social Assistant Chrome extension download
Social Assistant The Power of SharpSpring Built Into Your Browser.

important information, powerful contextbased information, sharpspring built, lifeoflead activities, trackable emails, increase email productivity, access notes, powerful context based information, conversations life, lead activities, social assistant, open important emails, important emails, gmail linkedin

Easy Cleaner Chrome extension download
Easy Cleaner Clean all the browser data in one click

site activities, clear cached images, remove plugin data, browser data, clear applications cache, indexeddb data, browser history cookies site activities, clear local filesystem, remove autofill form data, clear websql, clean site cookies

Wikipedia Plus Chrome extension download
Wikipedia Plus Utilities to improve the user experience of for avid users.

original wikipedia design, short text snippets, turn section titles, necessary uimodifying scripts, user experience, image placement, easier bookmarking, browsing activities, wikimedia foundation, enlarged image placement, page links, wikipedia website look, righttoleft language pages

Adult Content Watcher Chrome extension download
Adult Content Watcher This extension watches porn activity. It's simple and effective way to watch your children's internet activity.

want watch, extension watches, children internet activity, childrens internet activities, invisible icon, porn activity, view capture, track porn activities, invisible icon view capture, internet activity, effective way

Snap Links Chrome extension download
Snap Links Select multiple links, checkboxes and other elements and act on them such as open them in new tabs or check/un-check them.

select multiple links, snap links v2, multiple links checkboxes, future versions, snap links, links selected, work towards, feature complete, rightclick drag, snap links allows, new tabs, web extension, multiple links

GreenRope Chrome extension download
GreenRope The GreenRope Gmail Gadget is an extension that you can use while working in Gmail.

email marketing, customizable crm activities, outbound call management, website tracking, customer relationship management, crm activities, logic custom, social collaboration, social collaboration dashboard, custom field entry, case management system, integrated platform, contact management, greenrope crm, full website cms, contact information, detailed email tracking, website form builder, greenrope gmail

VeloViewer Strava Plugin Chrome extension download
VeloViewer Strava Plugin Additions to Strava website to provide helpful links and features for VeloViewer.

explorer tiles, segment details page, unexplored tile kml download, strava route builder, new strava page structure, top level veloviewer menu, veloviewer explorer tiles, route builder explorer tiles, activities links, explorer tile bordersbackground set, veloviewer menu, handle change, explorer tile, veloviewer segment details page, new strava route builder, route builder, links added

Link buncher Chrome extension download
Link buncher Open multiple links at once

extension allows, open multiple links, selected links, select multiple links, move pointer, hold shift, press extensions icon, open web page, release shift, red frame, red framed links, desirable links

Snap Links Lite Chrome extension download
Snap Links Lite Drag with right mouse button and open links

drag, select multiple text links, web explorations, blog reading research, open links, links, chrome allows, links lite, blog reading, mouse button

Ecwid Links Chrome extension download
Ecwid Links Bookmarks and useful links for Ecwid users

bookmarks, shows, ecwid related links, ecwid users, useful links, simple extension, useful ecwidrelated links

SEO Profesional Toolbar Chrome extension download
SEO Profesional Toolbar Offers many SEO-related tools in one place. PageRank, S-Rank, Link Counts with history, SEO Links...

seo profesional toolbar offers, seo links, google pagerank, handy seorelated links, indexed pages, highlights links, seo related, many seorelated tools, seo related links, history seo links, possible security issue, new tracked values, beautiful colorful charts, pagerank rank, customizable list

Phone to Chrome Chrome extension download
Phone to Chrome Receive links from your phone

android app, play store, pro version, settings page, different links, mobile app, receive links, queue links, ve received

Linkparser Chrome extension download
Linkparser LinkParser analyzes the links of the current page. It can differentiate between 9 link types & mark them in different colors.

types mark, nofollow links, linkparser shows, webpage internal links internal dofollow links internal nofollow links subdomain links subdomain dofollow links subdomain nofollow links external links external dofollow links, internal nofollow links, external dofollow links, link types mark, internal links, dofollow links, extermal nofollow links, internal dofollow links, linkparser analyzes

Copy Links Chrome extension download
Copy Links Copy Links clone for Chrome

current tab, links copy, copy links, copy links clone, text links, current selection update, google policies, policies dont, allow extensions, copy link urls

Feedly Subscribe Button Chrome extension download
Feedly Subscribe Button Easily Subscribe RSS and Atom Feeds to Feedly.

extension detects, offering rss, subscribe rss, atom feeds, web page, whenever, toolbar, icon, rss, browsing activities

Heads Up! Chrome extension download
Heads Up! This extension replaces links to WowDB with those to Wowhead.

advanced links, zam network, curse inc, simple links, extension replaces links, prefer wowhead, equivalent link, offered purely, warcraft players

Degallerify Chrome extension download
Degallerify This extension will convert all instances of links to direct links

imgur gallery feature, extension replaces, comgallery links, gallery feature, source code, convert, gallery links, direct links, links

Links Checker Chrome extension download
Links Checker Check page links using the W3C Link Checker tool

check, extension enables, click links checker, simply navigate, analyze, w3c link checker tool, check page links, page, quickly analyze, links checker, broken links

Remove ZergNet Chrome extension download
Remove ZergNet Expunge all sites of ZergNet links.

web sections, extension simply removes, zergnet links, many blogs, portal called zergnet, links don, expunge, unrelated links, sites, web, blogs feature, zergnet, links - Desprotetor de links Chrome extension download - Desprotetor de links Evite automaticamente qualquer protetor de links com o O primeiro e melhor desprotetor de links da net.

brasil essa pr tica tomou, tica de, de protetor de link, usu rio, celular ou, foram criados para impedir que, de cadastro de celular ou, de uso, download em, ao usu rio, protetor de links, de uso como, cadeado azul e pronto, localizassem arquivos que feriam sua politica, caso tenha alguma duvida ou, sites de, evite automaticamente qualquer protetor, que este cadastro nada tem, tamb m existem muitos, um protetor de links, cadastro de celular, desprotetor de links, de um protetor de links, os usu, ou um, de links

Remind me later Chrome extension download
Remind me later Reminds you a website in a given time

timer trough, tab url select, tab, timer, saved links timer, chrome links chrome, delay choosed, new tab, multiple computers, url, current tab url, chrome links, many links

Laravel API - source links Chrome extension download
Laravel API - source links This extension adds links to the sources on

adds links, extension adds links, added support, initial version v1, laravel versions, changelog v1, laravel versions including, v1, com, sources, github, links

Magnet Link Finder Chrome extension download
Magnet Link Finder Finds all magnet URLs and displays them prominently

discovered p2p links, qqdl links, banner ads, large download, finds magnet ed2k thunder flashget, obscure links, p2p urls, p2p links, prevent popups, magnet urls, finds magnet

Open Links in Tabs Chrome extension download
Open Links in Tabs URLs entered in a form are opened in tabs.

open links, new tab, chrome browser, dosen redirect, urls entered, valid urls, many urls, free extension, bad links, bad urls, single word links, effective extension

Ed2k&MagnetHelper Chrome extension download
Ed2k&MagnetHelper It helps you to deal with ed2k/magnet links, with functions of select range and filename search.

github issue page, ed2k links, tenth anniversary, refresh problem, fix magnet error, fix magnet copy, copy ed2k, yyet verycd, magnet links support, asynchronous web pages, magnet links, ed2k magnet links, added magnet links support, thunder offline download, longterm support, vod support

Open in Steam Chrome extension download
Open in Steam This Extension opens links to steam in Steam instead of in Browser

browser, extension opens links, game pages, steam, common links, links

Superdown Chrome extension download
Superdown Plugin para Downloads Premium do Superdown

e em seguida transform lo em link premium, lo em, copiar colar links, voc ver, um clique desproteja, links premium, downloads premium, um cone ao lado, links premium onde voc, premium onde voc estiver, nele e desproteg lo, links identificados por nosso plugin clicar nele desproteg lo em, a s clicar, premium com, os links, um cone ao

Link Alert Chrome extension download
Link Alert This extension displays an icon next to the cursor indicating the target of a link

border colours, new icons, pdfs show, secure pages, highlight links, small pdf icon, links show, long time, external links, tooltip indicating

Check My Links with NOFOLLOW Chrome extension download
Check My Links with NOFOLLOW Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links. This version includes nofollow links

check, version includes nofollow links, nofollow links, link checker, extension fixes, version, regular version skips, regular version skips nofollow links, broken links, links

Canonical Viewer Chrome extension download
Canonical Viewer SEO tool to check canonical and alternate LINKs into a web page.

seo debugging tool based, valid link rel canonical, multiple canonical links, web page, canonical links, link rel alternate, seo tool, alternate links, active web page, unique canonical links history, canonical viewer, disabling panels, clickable links updates

Metal-Archives Spotified Chrome extension download
Metal-Archives Spotified Add Spotify links throughout

band links links, promotional tiles, either send, new music, metal archives, awesome new stuff, album links, extension icons promotional tiles, every single day, spotify links, google group, spotify app, web store, comments concerns ideas

DestinyDB Reddit Enhancer Chrome extension download
DestinyDB Reddit Enhancer Powers up your Reddit experience with Destiny tooltips from

third party links, quality colors, properly adjusting, supported destinythegame fireteams changelog, detailed tooltips icons, guardian profiles, destiny tooltips, reddit experience, com database links, new option, destinydb links, party links, rdestinythegame rfireteams changelog

Lomadizador de links Chrome extension download
Lomadizador de links Lomadizador de links - Extensao para Chrome

em algum link com, links extensao, extensao para chrome, em lomadizar links, afiliado lomadee, se voc afiliado lomadee, bot o direito, bot direito, mouse e clicar em lomadizar links, apenas um clique ou clicando em, com esse complemento poss vel, lomadizar links, apenas um clique, esse complemento poss vel lomadizar links das ginas

Desprotetor de Links Chrome extension download
Desprotetor de Links The Desprotetor Links allows you to dodge links protectors and other sites of its kind, with just one click.

download page, desprotetor links allows, famous link protectors, new link protectors, anonymous clickstream data, visit website, desprotetor links, privacy policy, dodge links protectors, link protectors, extension settings page, new updates, extensions efficiency, links protectors, extension updates

Color Links Chrome extension download
Color Links This extension allows you to change the color of your visited links

color links, quick visual confirmation, search results, light weight, page search results, page toggle color links, multiple color options, turn color links, light weight extension, visited link, color links enhances, visited links, users navigate visited page search results, color deficient users, open source repository

delugesiphon Chrome extension download
delugesiphon Send torrent links to your Deluge server.

good place, deluge server, leave feedback, torrent links, github siphon, github issues page, supports magnet links, specific issues, github issues, support magnet links, excellent chrome browser, simple deluge adder, magnet links

Disable links. Chrome extension download
Disable links. Hold Ctrl+Alt to disable the links temporarily.

broken link icon, extension disables links, hold ctrlalt, link icon, generally eases selection eliminating, arthur abt, com collection, previous description, select text, links

LinkSnappy Plugin Chrome extension download
LinkSnappy Plugin Power of LinkSnappy Elite at your fingertips

video links, web browser download managers watch video links hosted, linksnappy elite, various websites, shows latest news, visit linksnappy, generate links, power, official facebook page, official facebook, linksnappy links, webbrowserdownload managers

Link Controller Chrome extension download
Link Controller Control Whether Links Open in a New or Current Tab

current tab, open click, options, control, toggle, click, tab links, icon shows, links open, links

Check My Links Chrome extension download
Check My Links Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.

default request method, render multiple times, link check stats, chrome tools javascript console, http request type, valid links, link check, http method, web page, method links, chrome extensions screen, http response codes, empty href attributes, options page, check links, page checking, broken links Chrome extension download A plugin that adds an button to export activities from to

export activities, adds button, garmin, dotjs aka, workoutlog, dotjs aka , code ported, plugin, com, button, connect

DocSight Chrome extension download
DocSight Visualize visits to various documentation resources.

visualize visits, various documentation resources, bug fix, developer activities, viewing history, important development resources, fix duplicate entries, fix font issues, apis languages, extensions source code, developer resources

IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Chrome extension download
IP2Location IP Geolocation Extension Geolocation lookup via IP address for a website, Geo-IP data provided by

geolocation lookup, web server, information box, tiny icon, ip geolocation, ip2location ip geolocation, ip address, prevent phishing activities, geoip data, web pages, geographical location

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