Best Add Blank Pages Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Add Pages to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Add Pages to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Instantly add pages to PDF documents online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save, share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

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Blank New Tab Page (Dark) Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page (Dark) This extension brings back the ability to open new tabs to a simple blank new tab page void of any thumbnails or other data.

tab page, open new tabs, simple blank new tab page void, quick second adsponsored redirect, feedback please contact, blank tab, simple blank, simple old blank tab behavior, want quick, current page, automatically generate, chrome tab, quick simple

Blank New Tab Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Create a blank new tab without any existing content.

new tab page, content, create blank, existing content, create, tab page complete blank, plugin, blank new tab, complete blank

Beanote - Note Taking on Web Pages Chrome extension download
Beanote - Note Taking on Web Pages This extension helps you to highlight, take notes and annotate on web pages.

write comments, page reload, multiple color choices, richcontent editor, evernote word, web page, highlight color, different highlight color, frequently changing pages, beanote helps, sticky notes, web pages, blank web pages, survive page reload

Empty New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Empty New Tab Page With this extension, new tabs display a blank page instead of the usual new tab page with thumbnails.

tab page, visited pages show, new tab page, noisy simple, tabs display blank page, thumbnails, usual new tab page, dark mode support, adds dark mode support, blank page, new tabs, prefer plain

Duplicate Tab Helper Chrome extension download
Duplicate Tab Helper Prevent duplicate tabs effortlessly.

active tab, prevent duplicate tabs, windows search, duplicate option, new tabs, blank tab, open blank tab, duplicate tabs, duplicate tab helper prevents, blank tabs, duplicate urls, duplicates duplicates, added option, open duplicate urls, duplicate tab helper, new blank tabs, detect duplicate urls Toolbar Chrome extension download Toolbar

social media profiles, html email, increase traffic, every design, small businesses, multiple landing pages, webmail platforms, toolbar allows, blank white screen

Chedot new-tab Chrome extension download
Chedot new-tab Replace blank page

bookmarks, tab page, extension allows, quickly view, new tab page, change, replace blank page, manage, sort, browsing history, bookmarks sorting, easily manage, new folder, blank page, previously created

Blank New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page Replaces the New Tab page with a blank one.

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Do It! Shia Labeouf (Super Pack) Chrome extension download
Do It! Shia Labeouf (Super Pack) Let Shia Labeouf motivate you with "JUST DO IT!" monolugue

chrome blank screen, super pack, add facebook support, chrome blank screen blocking, shai labeouf, chrome store, another one, random clip, different video clips

New Tab Plus Chrome extension download
New Tab Plus add a new specific tab

history, new blank tab, new tab, shortcut link, downloads, blank tab history downloads bookmarks extensions, new specific tab, beautiful menu, google search, add beautiful menu, specific tab

Pretty Beautiful Javascript Chrome extension download
Pretty Beautiful Javascript Automatically makes Javascript files pretty and beautiful!

net look, massive performance improvement, javascript files, js pages, new release, content type, content type js, github bug, unpack unobfuscate format, blank content type w js ext

Random Colored New Tab Chrome extension download
Random Colored New Tab When enabled, new tabs display a blank page with a random background color instead of the usual new tab page with the defaults.

tab page, new tabs, defaults, random background color, tabs display blank page, personal data, color, usual new tab page, random, blank page, default look

Blank New Tab Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Replaces the default new tab page with a blank page.

tab page, extension replaces, new tab page, default, install, replaces, blank page, busy new tab page, default chrome

Faster Search for Google/Yahoo Chrome extension download
Faster Search for Google/Yahoo Remove redirection for Search Engine, including Google/Yahoo

document title, twitter weibo, 20140928 twitterweibo 20140627 google, 20150713 20141014 weibo, remove redirection, com google, search engine including google yahoo, label 20150902 url www, 20160329 document title, bug ps, bug httpsabout blank, url www, blank 20160407 bughttp, 20150716 20150715 20150714 bug, com 20150728 bug ps

Net Spanner Chrome extension download
Net Spanner Modify Request Headers for Chrome.

domain field blank use ctrl, features, add remove modify http headers, request headers, config header name field, headers, save config header, websites leave, chrome, http headers, domain field blank, auto suggest feature, domain

New Tab Chrome extension download
New Tab A minimalist replacement for Chrome's New Tab page.

tab page, blank white page, new tab page, minimalist version, extension replaces, extension replaces chrome, minimalist replacement, chrome, tab page simply remove, shows blank white page, bookmarks bar

reddit Sidebar Hider Chrome extension download
reddit Sidebar Hider Hide the reddit sidebar!

adds link, custom subreddit styles, reddit sidebar, blank space, sidebar state, flash sidebar, doesn flash sidebar, custom subreddit, user bar, page load, subreddit headers, sidebar hiding extensions, doesn leave blank space

Toolbar Spacer Chrome extension download
Toolbar Spacer A partition icon for spacing the extension buttons on your toolbar

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SSRS Report Fix Chrome extension download
SSRS Report Fix This extension allows Microsoft Reporting Services reports to render correctly in Google Chrome.

ssrs reports appearing, blank white page, google chrome, modern web browsers, reporting services reports, css oversight, microsoft part, services reports, microsoft reporting services reports, blank page, ssrs reports, automatically fixes css oversight

InfoSextant Chrome extension download
InfoSextant This extension redirects English Wikipedia pages Infogalactic pages.

infogalactic pages, prevent redirect loops, analogous pages, neutral alternative, asynchronous websites, wikipedia pages, english language wikipedia pages, english wikipedia pages, rewrite links, politically biased wikipedia, extension redirects english wikipedia pages infogalactic pages, install infosextant, wikipedia urls

New tab URL Chrome extension download
New tab URL Redirect new tabs to a given URL.

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Empty New Tab Chrome extension download
Empty New Tab Get a blank page every time you open a new tab

new tab, blank page, every time

Linkbucks skip Chrome extension download
Linkbucks skip Skip linkbucks/placepictures, jwejem, ads page

skip linkbucks placepictures jwejem, update ext version v1, info pages, skip v1, new linkbucks pages, ly pages, ads page, reverse dns, linkbucks pages, skip jwejem, ads page contact, dont replace, linkbucks pages protection, skip linkbucks pages, linkbucks pages skip, added tnabucks tinybucks, small logo

Save All Pages Chrome extension download
Save All Pages Save and close all the pages opened only need one click.

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Site Pages Chrome extension download
Site Pages Search for all pages for this site that are indexed by Google

quickly find, extension enables, simply navigate, indexed, site pages, site, click site pages, pages, search, want, google

The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Audit Chrome extension download
The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Audit Welcome to the Tech SEO's Quick Click Website Audit. Have suggestions or comments? Contact @jefflouella on Twitter!

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Blank New Tab Page with Bookmarks Bar Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page with Bookmarks Bar Replaces the New Tab page with a blank one with Bookmarks Bar.

tab page, default search engine, new tab page, chrome bookmarks settings, google page, google set, ill work, support tab, tab bookmarks bar functionality, chrome search ntp local ntp, local new tab page, local ntp, tab page local ntp, clearing google page, bookmarks bar, new tab bookmarks, bookmarks bar set, blank new tab page

Shift Click Image Extractor Chrome extension download
Shift Click Image Extractor Extracting / sharing images: now easy as Shift

sharing images, automatically short url, rightclick inspect, instagram image downloader, image sharing, simple shortcut, shift click, image downloader, simple shortcut helps, hit test, sharing images, click inspect, shift click uses, bypass blank divs, bypass blank, gif downloader

Empty New Tab Page - Black Chrome extension download
Empty New Tab Page - Black Empty New Tab Page shows a blank, Black page, rather than the chrome default

toxic empty, chrome default, empty tab version, new toxic fanpage, blank black page, latest info news, tab page black short, tab page shows blank black page, toxic fanpage, black short name, empty new tab page shows, black page, empty new tab page

Shop Your Way Browser Button Chrome extension download
Shop Your Way Browser Button Add all of your favorite products to your Shop Your Way catalogs

favorite products, secure session pages, way browser extension, add products, pages including, privacy notice, application forms, extension collects data, web pages, session pages

SiteChat Chrome extension download
SiteChat ShoutBox chat allows to connect people who visit the same browser pages and creates real time chat between visitors.

meet random strangers, sitechat users, visit similar, real time chat, private chat file, youtube video pages, facebook pages, page chat, ebay auctions, video chat, use site chat, video pages, browser pages, sitechat chat, sitechat button, pinterest pages, web page chat

Blank New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Page Override the default new tab page with blank page.

tab page, new tab page, chrome page, new chrome window, enter chrome, new tab, page, extension prevents, chrome page choose open specific page, specific page, google search, blank page, chrome window, extension prevents google search page

OpenDyslexic for Chrome Chrome extension download
OpenDyslexic for Chrome Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help

formats pages, increase readability, favourable coverage, low contrast help, weighted bottoms, full changelogsource code, web pages, unique shapes, format pages, opendyslexic font

 New Tab Movhits Chrome extension download
New Tab Movhits Replaces the New Tab page with a blank 007.

tab page, new tab page, search movies, blank, watch online, replaces

Flickr Notifications Chrome extension download
Flickr Notifications This extension notifies you when new posts are available in Flickr groups, photo pages, new photos in a photostream, ...

favorite groups, unread posts, photo pages, new posts, flickr groups photo pages, pages notifies, regular flickrmail icon, photo pages notifies, extension notifies, group members notifies, flickr groups, current flickr site, detailed user manual, discussion pages notifies, new photos

New Blank Black Tab Chrome extension download
New Blank Black Tab Your browser as a tabula rasa, like your mind. Distraction-free browsing.

none, mind, simple, browser, distraction free browsing, tabula rasa, minimize distractions, distractionfree browsing

Where in the World by Take the Tent Chrome extension download
Where in the World by Take the Tent I'll show you an amazing picture. You tell me where it is. I'll tell you how close you are.

added photos, travel inspiration, next adventure, new picture, new tab, quick mini game, stats guessing frequently, google maps, start planning, blank new tab

atg-dynadmin-utils Chrome extension download
atg-dynadmin-utils Add-on for ATG Dyn Admin pages

print item, id url version query items add items invalidate cache, dyn admin pages, dyn admin, id print item, hot key repository definition preview nucleus pages, pages component search autocomplete dynadmin firefox addon, dyn admin application, url version, atg dyn admin pages, invalidate cache, repository pages

Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad This is a bare-bones in browser notepad, with a couple of convenient shortcut keys. For example, by typing "control+shift+z", a new…

content type control shift, browser notepad, blank tab, new blank tab, control shift, text click control, list click control shift, convenient shortcut keys, list type control shift, content type, list item click control shift, list item click, text click, list click, new list type

Yawas Chrome extension download
Yawas Highlight Web pages; stored in your browser bookmarks, searchable, and recreated automatically when you revisit a page

add note, yawas search, comment web pages, multiple colors, keyboard shortcut n, yawas automatically, page highlights, delete highlight, browser bookmarks, context menu, highlight web pages, web pages, check sync

RSS links for iTunes U courses Chrome extension download
RSS links for iTunes U courses Get the RSS links for iTunes U courses directly from the course pages, allowing you to subscribe with any podcast client.

web preview pages, nonitunesu web pages, orange rss feed icon, chrome omnibox, pages allowing, rss links, rss reader, source code, itunes courses, itunes web pages, itunes chrome, u courses, rss feed, u course web, podcast client

Liberate Chrome extension download
Liberate Send Soundcloud and YouTube pages directly to OffLiberty

youtube pages click, send songs, stream home page, results click, doesn distinguish, individual song, home page, valid pages, youtube pages, offliberty, send soundcloud, individual songvideo pages, soundcloud, won work

NeoGAF Thread Summarizer Chrome extension download
NeoGAF Thread Summarizer Analyses threads for most quoted posts, lets you keep track of your favourite posters, caches thread pages for fast access.

neogaf thread summarizer shifts, thread page, thread view, thread pages, thread cache, analysed threads, page caches, cached page, added populate pages option, cached pages, update cache, cache analysed pages, quoted post, quoted posts, different quote threshold values, live thread view functionality, caches thread pages, analysed pages, css style fixes, fixed memory, reduces memory consumption, analysis cache, allow future enhancements, major new feature Antmarks Extension Chrome extension download Antmarks Extension Manage your favorite web pages

search engine, free ant, manage, ant, favorite web pages, pages youd, antmarks extension, com antmarks extension, pages, simply register freely, com account

Kick Them Out Chrome extension download
Kick Them Out Kick Them Out Use this extension to blank out the IDs of ldy etc at mitbbs 买买提网页中把老大爷的马甲踢走

mitbbs, use, kick, ids, ldy etc, blank,

Google Similar Pages Chrome extension download
Google Similar Pages Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing.

similar pages button, google similar pages, privacy policy, version number, chrome version number, discover webpages, early beta release, similar pages, many aspects, hard time, beta release, similarpages extension google

Ferro Chrome extension download
Ferro The keyboard interface to Chrome. Hit Alt-Shift-F, type, (optionally hit tab and type again) and return.

keyboard interface, open pages, web page, bookmarks open apps, shift type optionally hit tab, recommend vimium, open apps, visit getferro, current tabs, extension pages, extension pages save

Bangla-Tangla Chrome extension download
Bangla-Tangla Provides definitions in English and Bangla (Bengali) for Bangla words on any web page.

words, bangla words, reading bengali web pages, bengali word, web page, read bengali bangla web pages, extension helps, life easier, bengali web pages, providing definitions, bengali, web pages, bangla bengali, read bengali

Emoji Extension for Twitter Chrome extension download
Emoji Extension for Twitter Convert emojicons to actual pictures on Twitter

background, converts blank squares, writing emojis, twitter, convert emojicons, extension runs, actual pictures, com, new tweets

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