Added Border Chrome Extensions

Total added border plugins - 9
Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Chrome extension download
Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Enable to resize the Video of the Call to Fullscreen and Back
Twitch Chat Overhaul Chrome extension download
Twitch Chat Overhaul Change font size, message spacing, and make chat easier to read. Especially if you're streaming
VandyTab Chrome extension download
VandyTab A useful newtab for Vanderbilt University undergraduate students.
ContextDeleter Chrome extension download
ContextDeleter ContextDeleter allows you to delete HTML elements on the fly.
GitHub Flavored Markdown 2 Chrome extension download
GitHub Flavored Markdown 2 Preview GitHub Flavored Markdown in Chrome - Forked from GitHub Flavored Markdown and added support for text/x-markdown
Google+ Theme Chrome extension download
Google+ Theme Google+ Theme with features, settings and art.
Comment Anywhere Chrome extension download
Comment Anywhere Add comments for any element on any webpage.
Get off social media: simple blocking Chrome extension download
Get off social media: simple blocking Simple extension for blocking algorithms and stopping your tech additions.
noMoreDailyMail Chrome extension download
noMoreDailyMail Colours DM links and adds warning to click.
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