Best Added Border Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total added border plugins - 1173
ContextDeleter Chrome extension download
ContextDeleter ContextDeleter allows you to delete HTML elements on the fly.

update added border, html elements, add features, smaller restructured, flash element, flash elements, parent container, code added, minimalist extension, delete elements, delete html elements, contextdeleter allows

VandyTab Chrome extension download
VandyTab A useful newtab for Vanderbilt University undergraduate students.

time bug fix, fixed border color bug, time font size, link fix, vandyvan time fix, times vandyvan times, vandyvan times, food times bug, food times added, vandyvan time, photo credit fix, dining time, vanderbilt university undergraduate students, background added, bug fix, menu link fix, window resize bug fix, newtab page, scrollbar background color fix, column line bug fix, time fix, added vandyvan times

Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Chrome extension download
Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Enable to resize the Video of the Call to Fullscreen and Back

extension enables, normal size, big videoplayer, air hangouts, need hangoutonair, browseractionbutton anymore, toggle browser, version toogle, black border added, google hangout, version works, big changes, big video

YouTube™ Music Visualizer Chrome extension download
YouTube™ Music Visualizer Enjoy some visuals while listening your favorite music on YouTube.

added change colors option, break color picker, added donate dialog, new smoother rendering method, added change bars count option, extension won start, added circular visualizer, added opacity slider, paypal donation button, circular visualizer, added change bars, added change, visualizer rendering, pause reported

SpeakIt! Chrome extension download
SpeakIt! Tired of reading? Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.

use zen audio player, chrome tts api added, added speech, new tts enginesvoices, chrome web, chrome web store changelog, tts support added feature, support added, read text, user graphical interface, google translate api, added options feature added, feature speech, chrome lang detect api, time click pause note, detect api, new chrome tts api

Course Guide + Chrome extension download
Course Guide + View RateMyProfessors ratings right from UW-Madison's course guide.

ratings right, remove hover window, course table, professors profile, hover window positioning remove table border, table border, view ratemyprofessors ratings, course guide, uwmadisons course guide, change hover window positioning, hover window borders

Diaspora* Publisher Chrome extension download
Diaspora* Publisher Share your favourite pages with your Diaspora* friends and receive notifications directly on your browser.

local pod list, new options page, diaspora publisher allows, added support, pod list, added notifications feature, added image, added notifications, options page, image pages, new ui, added option, quotes page, diaspora pod url, fixed bug, added german language, added internationalization support

ASANA Translate Chrome extension download
ASANA Translate Because we want ASANA in our language

updated hungarian, added vietnamese updated turkish updated portuguese, added lithuanian, added chinese, asana updated, translate chrome languages, added finnish thanks, updated serbian, added romanian thanks, added lithuanian thanks, added hungarian, extension added, updated portuguese, added slovenian translation, updated dutch updated, updated italian updated chinese, translate chrome, added serbian, dutch hungarian, chinese chinese, added serbian thanks, minor translation fixes, updated chinese, added dutch translation, updated russian, updated turkish

HelloHulu Chrome extension download
HelloHulu Gives you quick access to Hulu videos.

added queue shortcut, queue number badge, option added, option added open links, scroll video, show scroll buttons option, added view queue, additional formatting changes, added scroll, hulus new look, users login, queue option added check, hellohulus popup features, update log, hulu hellohulu, hulu video, added queue, hulu videos, show badge option, added login shortcut

IP Geo Location Chrome extension download
IP Geo Location Displays your current IP and geo location data.

current ip, loading error, removed map, map display switched, added interval, vpn connection, location data, added notifications, ip address, reliable json ip provider, added map, geo location data, dark mode, added silent mode

Humble New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Humble New Tab Page Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, and recently closed in a custom layout.

default layout, new tab page, fixed weather, added options, bookmarks apps, reduced memory usage, added chrome, chrome version, added custom css field, hide google wallet service, added option, added apps, bookmarks folder, fixed bug, new tab bookmark tree, several new settings, chrome web store, hide bookmarks bar

Browserstack Loader Chrome extension download
Browserstack Loader Test pages on the fly with Browserstack.

update 11032014, new layout, test pages, common browsers, added windows suggestions, added latest browser versions, update 07062013, added android, update 07072013, added windows suggestions contact, added mobile browsers update, newer versions, mobile browsers, update 30102014

FV Extender Chrome extension download
FV Extender Helps you accept FarmVille requests.

bandwidth fve uses, fb game neighbors, huge amount, google chrome, workaround added, accept farmville requests, fv stability issues, farmville fv, certain level, social gaming, added added, many users, human hand

Scraper Chrome extension download
Scraper Scraper gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.

added presets, advanced users, added web, spreadsheet form, spreadsheet titles, data mining extension, easytouse tool, google docs export, added web store, table selector won capture, web pages

Wanikani Augmenter Chrome extension download
Wanikani Augmenter An extension to improve the UX of

fixed added, review numbers, system added, menu bar lesson, reviews page added, added auto update, overall design change, 24hour time formats, auto update, fixed problem, memory management improvements, real numbers, added real numbers option, reviews page, review sessions

Travian Kingdoms Chrome extension download
Travian Kingdoms Win the game become easy with Travian Toolkit. Build, Trade, Farm and Manage your villages become so easy for busy players.

resetup doesnt delete, unlimited local storage, tools support players, queues feature, travian kingdoms toolkit, fixed auto ignore, added interval, added random choice, added farmex function, added troops feature, ui didnt show, account use account, farmex data

Auto HD for YouTube (OpenSource) Chrome extension download
Auto HD for YouTube (OpenSource) Automatically loads HD version (or any preferred compression) of YouTube videos. Source at:

html5 players added options, added js api, hd version, location added, preferred compression, loads hd version, js api, youtube videos, js api ver, set preferred resolution, hashtag ver, opensource github location, added fancy icons, youtube urls

Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier Chrome extension download
Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier Notifies you when an invasion occurs on Toontown Rewritten.

added filter, added total cog count, changed invasion list, added indicator, api outages, much time, filter notifications, cog names, cog invading, added cog filter, improved time, improved time prediction algorithm, improved font, full screen mode, add optional notification sound

xPath Wrap Chrome extension download
xPath Wrap Enter xPaths and wrap them in a border so you can visualize selections

wrap, visualize selections, border, enter xpaths

Virtual Keyboard Chrome extension download
Virtual Keyboard Fullscreen on-screen virtual keyboard for touch screen devices

added slovenian keyboard layout, azerty keyboard layout, keyboard layout, touch screen, keyboard events, added hungarian keyboard layout, keyboard layout beta, added support, improved touch events support, added russian keyboard layout, added norwegian keyboard layout, touch virtual keyboard, fixes added, tamil keyboard layout, touch events, fullscreen onscreen virtual keyboard, added swedish keyboard layout, screen virtual keyboard, virtual keyboard

Tutorialize Chrome extension download
Tutorialize Chrome extension for Tutorialize (

added tutorialize, free day trial, blacklist luckyorange id, fix bug, added german translations, added support, tutorial list view, element target selectors, page action selectors, fix issue, add ability, bug fix, page action, weird css issues, interactive tutorial guides, minor german translation change, toolbox tooltip, added ability

Map Maker Overlay Chrome extension download
Map Maker Overlay Overlay a circle, image, KML or Terrain on Google Map Maker

show terrain option, show circle, added polish translation, added german translation, added option, terrain overlay, image overlay, map type, google map maker, normal map type controls, circle image kml, overlay circle image kml, added ukrainian translation, added italian translation, kml overlay, terrain map, updated dutch translation, added dutch translation, added russian translation, map maker

Dotabuff Extended Chrome extension download
Dotabuff Extended This Extension add additional data into various pages on site.

additional data, added signature generator, hero dmg hero, tower dmg, added signature, updated signature base, add additional data, dotabuff page changed, various bug fixes, com site, add signatures, signature base, addon didn, added tower, bug caused, various pages, added direct link

KeepKey Wallet Chrome extension download
KeepKey Wallet Complete cryptocurrency integration with Chrome.

use transaction confidence, add spinner, address transaction, added transaction history page, page added, added support, large transactions, multiple receive addresses, added spinner, detect prerelease firmware, restyle recovery help, many small bug fixes, support page, complete cryptocurrency integration, revision history , add button, wallet balance page, receive screen

Simple Offline Calculator Chrome extension download
Simple Offline Calculator A scientific and graphing calculator.

plotting functions, added page, plot opens, google chrome, support portuguese, added memory support, page shows, mathematical expressions, web page shows, many mathematical functions, added localization support, calculator extension, memory shows, added time, shows error, mathematical functions, debug page, functions shows, tree opens, open source, added functions

User JavaScript and CSS Chrome extension download
User JavaScript and CSS User JavaScript and CSS on any website

high priority css, avoid cors issues, css feature, css rules, manual cloud sync, new injection system, minor bug fixes, alternative method, old method injection, editor window opens, added feature, bug fixes, added option, fixed bug, added css

Emoji Support for Google+ Chrome extension download
Emoji Support for Google+ Add emoji support for your Google+.

added multiple emoticon packs, added emoticons, added auto conversation feature, add emoji support, text box, updated code, new icon, new feature, emoji support

tumbyPageGetter + tumbyHover Chrome extension download
tumbyPageGetter + tumbyHover Discover, enjoy, and share content in more places--from any Tumblr on the planet--faster and easier than you ever imagined.

various technology upgrades, music autoplay blocker, content discovery, tumblr domain, tumbyhover early access, tumbyhover early access added, tumby page getter icon, support added, tumby page, tumblr page, domain support added, fulltext search box displays, tumblr including, page support, viewer location issue, new combination delivers, bad tumblr domain redirects, tumblr page support added, tumbyhover added, nontumblr web page support film

Text Tools Chrome extension download
Text Tools Handy text tools a click away

added case, added auto number, added expand template, format numbers format numbers, small interface improvements, last used tool, added trim lines start, line number, added auto number formatting, url safe string, text lines, automatic clipboard support, character case, current browser locale, trim lines, line numbers, character frequency, trim lines start, sort lines alpha

Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player Chrome extension download
Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player

shoutcast v1, easily listen, added shoutcast v1, online radio stations, added search, bugfix v2, radionomy shoutcast player, ultimate directory, added clock v2, audio stream, radionomy - get updates of Chrome extension download - get updates of Updates of

spreadsheet watcher, load spreadsheet, spreadsheets updated, added spreadsheet, added spreadsheet chooser, new posts, spreadsheet updates, delete main content, added volume, update time, message doesn delete, fixed spreadsheets, new postsupdated posts, gl hf, last posts, posts updated posts, added sounds notifications

University of Michigan Courseguide+ Chrome extension download
University of Michigan Courseguide+ Display RateMyProfessors Ratings on the University of Michigan course guide! Add ratings to your favorite classes!

fix update, added page, added update, compatible update 5515, fix compatibility issue, https page added update, avoids page expansion, loading ratings update, added page size consistency, professor rankings, professors ratemyprofessors page, courseguide site, michigan course guide, site reformat issue, ratemyprofessors ratings, michigan courseguide, added class ratings, prevented loading, display ratemyprofessors ratings

tf2outpost price integration Chrome extension download
tf2outpost price integration Grabs prices of items from and adds them to

fixed bug, rewrote code base, display fixed bug, added page, added page action menu, advanced settings, crossorigin request permissions, items display, added ability, toggle buds, current page, next page, load version, prices fixed bug, infinite scrolling

Strong Password Generator Chrome extension download
Strong Password Generator Simple tool for generating strong and secure passwords

password length, clear list, generate strong, czech translation, translation extension, library updated, added german translation, added spanish translation, specify password length, clear list action, added option, define custom characters, added clear list option, maximum password length, latest version

Browser QuickLinks Chrome extension download
Browser QuickLinks Click a single button to quickly jump to a number of useful, but often hidden features in chrome.

added russian language support, hidden features, language support, including polish, chrome beta branch, several language variants, native language, added german language support, added italian language support, installed plug, memory utilisation, single button, installed extensions

Tab Suspender Chrome extension download
Tab Suspender Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.

added menu, tab close, added tab icons status animation, suspended tab, white list user interface, improved memory, tab suspender menu, restore tabs, youtube video timing save, added option, option auto suspend, fixed restore, tab suspender settings, fixed menu, tab suspender, added restore, fixed history bug, suspend tabs, suspend window menu item fix, enable autoclose tabs function, user click refresh browser, added tab, restore tab, tab option, settings page, suspend bug fixed, suspend tab, fixed bug, added history, fixed suspended, fixed auto restore, bug fixed, suspended page, added settings, improved auto close tab, fixed tabs, history page, close tab, suspended tabs, load suspended tabs, auto close tabs, auto close, automatically suspend, added auto restore tabs, fine suspend interval slider, tab suspend, added recycle function control

Troll your Friends Chrome extension download
Troll your Friends Troll your Friends easyly with this extension!

top border, appear lots, extension bar, press options, every image, funny effects, hole new options page, every element, wild arround, site fly, new version, funnyer effects, appear lot

Gmail Show Time Chrome extension download
Gmail Show Time Shows full date/time in email listing and detail headers. Support custom date/time format.

added bing, default search engine, another layout fix, japanese month bug fix, added support options, added support, added privacy policy, several tiny bug fixes, supports custom datetime formatting options, support custom datetime format, gmail show time, new layout fix, date time, show time, display format changes

AudioVisualizer Chrome extension download
AudioVisualizer Audio Visualizer, works on any website. Press icon or 'Ctrl+Q' to start/stop. ♪ ┐(・。・┐)

scene settings, added option, load custom scenes, use custom milkdrop plugin, make custom proceduralterrain scenes work, custom scenes, scenes added webgl, default settings, scene doesnt redraw, categorized gui , make transparent background work, scene added, custom scene, extension options, webgl scenes added, context offset , scenes work, custom scene settings, export custom scene, background work, webgl scenes, added scene Chrome extension download native extension

error reporting fixes, added notifications, notifications system added rapiparse, added settings page, supported links, notifications system, error reporting, hosting page, hosting sites, supported hostings links, special bonus offer, native extension, hostings added, added hosting sites, download button, pl button, download page, web hostings pages, available hosting sites

Ikariam Easy Chrome extension download
Ikariam Easy Make your Ikariam easy :).

tabs added movements tabs, added levels, spanish translation bt fede markievicz, trade movement tab, fixes bugfixes, movement tab, delete movement date, live max value, many action points youll, translation fixes, fixed movements tabs, translation bugfixes, fixed tab, added options movement tabs island action points, levels fixed, action points, movements tab added, military battles list, building added, list ikalogs, military movements tabs, building ikariam, many useful functions, sea chart archive, list added action points

Extensions Update Notifier Chrome extension download
Extensions Update Notifier Show a notification when an extension is updated.

russian translation thanks, dutch translation thanks, added brand, chrome extensions, updated extension, spanish translation thanks, added chrome, fixed german translation thanks, chrome web store description, close notifications option, won open, changelog detection, added german translation thanks, open changelog feature, new extension icon thanks, added open changelog, chrome web store

Sticky Notes 3.3 - Super Quick & Personal Chrome extension download
Sticky Notes 3.3 - Super Quick & Personal Animated Themes, Fonts, Backup et al. 1-Click easiest & fastest note taking app inside browser. (See demo)

added multiple device sync, rightclick copypaste bug, black friday sale ran, app icon, personal single device app, improved app, sticky note, simple easy note, notes sync, themes added, multidevice sync settings, added option, notes data, quick personal note, initial load performance boost, multiple notes, sticky notes, added multiple

Tatkal Seva Chrome extension download
Tatkal Seva Fastest Growing and Forever Free - IRCTC Tatkal Booking extension and plug-in which helps Aam Aadmi to get Tatkal Ticket with ease!

sbc station issue, updated captcha, tatkal time, cabin berth choices, whole page refresh, garib rath trains, added fixed, credit card captcha image issue, berth option, avoid irctc id, added child, transaction password automation, user fixed child, user updated, child name issue bug, auto payment, option added added, free irctc tatkal, book tatkal

My Episode Guide Chrome extension download
My Episode Guide Shows the next episode which is to be aired for your chosen TV shows. All information is taken from

day counter, shows days remaining, chosen tv shows, added background auto, added auto complete, next episode airs, version history, added show ordering, next episode, next episode air date, favorite tv shows, tv shows, shows days

Manga!ifier Chrome extension download
Manga!ifier Your Spy in Online Manga Readers

added manga, 20150612 serverside script loading, manga source, background script execution bug fix, avoid data, 20121031 new independent synchronization system, mangafox status code errors, 20120525 set, japanzai batoto, added support, disabled manga source mangavolume, added manga sources mangapanda, added manga sources, fixed bug, mangafox page, fixed issues, page manga, manga page, manga sources, independent manga source selection, manga language

YouTube(TM) Mouse Controls Chrome extension download
YouTube(TM) Mouse Controls Change YouTube(TM) videos volume and seek with your mouse

reverse volume scroll feature, screen initial release, seek scroll feature, player control bar, white percentage bar, change youtube, added volume percentage feature, added options page, reverse seek scroll feature, volume scroll feature, mouse scroll, page added, bug fix, added volume, added fix, proper attribution v, options page, youtube stop, added seek, release options page, past releases v, small bug fix v, youtube page, seek options page fix, proper branding v, volume bug fix

Link Alert Chrome extension download
Link Alert This extension displays an icon next to the cursor indicating the target of a link

border colours, new icons, pdfs show, secure pages, highlight links, small pdf icon, links show, long time, external links, tooltip indicating

autoConvert - Auto Currency & Unit Converter Chrome extension download
autoConvert - Auto Currency & Unit Converter Automatically converts units and currencies on web pages to familiar values, so you don't have to find that calculator again.

metric unit groups, google user id, inbuilt browser tooltips, home unit, currency conversions, currency updates, home unit system, added swedish krona, select home currency, home currency, units added, web pages, added referral link, foreign unit systems

UltraType NitroType Bot Chrome extension download
UltraType NitroType Bot A bot for NitroType that will win any match

modified reload feature, added options, feature added, ui edits, issues minor, minor tweaks, minor bug fixes, reload feature, modified reload, webgl support, added adblock feature, page title, reload detection

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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