Best Adds Photos Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total adds photos plugins - 1697
SnapPea Photos Chrome extension download
SnapPea Photos A very fast way to access photos on your Android phone.

snappea web browse download, chrome install, view photos, photo gallery, manage photos, photos instantly click, mobile app, delete photos, snappea web browse, android phone, fast way, access photos

Google Photos For Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Photos For Chrome All your photos are backed up safely, Store, search, and share a lifetime of photos.

official website, cloud photos, google photos photos, safely organized, google photos cloud photos cloud, google storage photos, google storage, fan project, cloud images, google photos, video sharing, storage service, labeled automatically, safely store search, social network, launch google photos

joymems Chrome extension download
joymems Joymems, Get nostalgic. See your own photos on every new Chrome tab.

manage photos permission, photo albums, read data, every new tab, every new chrome tab, manage photos, professional photos, won change, chrome tab, new tabs, google photos

Trinder Chrome extension download
Trinder Chrome client for Tinder

view photos, view history, chrome client, large screen, last position, photos, unofficial client, current location, save photos

PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Chrome extension download
PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Make your PlentyOfFish browsing experience better with these enhancements.

transform photos, features transform photos, scrolling gallery, add small, useful features, features, full sized photos, browsing plentyoffish, plentyoffish browsing experience, new enhancements, enhancements, fullsized photos

Save for Instagram Chrome extension download
Save for Instagram The easiest way to download photos and videos from

mouse button, download photos, user data, downloading photos videos stories, photos, way, click right mouse button, instagram, extension doesn store, videos, place cursor

TagKick Chrome extension download
TagKick Untag Facebook photos with one click

photo youre tagged, tag icon, facebook photos, single photo, happy untagging, untag facebook photos, top right corner, source code, untagging photos, photo youre

Instapost Chrome extension download
Instapost Publish your photos instagram.

photos instagram, photos, publish

InstagramDL Plugin - Instagram Downloader Chrome extension download
InstagramDL Plugin - Instagram Downloader Instagram Downloader - This extension will allow you to download any Instagram content.

individual photo pages, initial version icon, minor bug fix, material design, favorite photos, analytics bug, icmonochromephotos demo photos, instagram downloader, material design ic monochrome photos, feed page, analytics bug fixes, instagram content

Taylor Swift Gallery Chrome extension download
Taylor Swift Gallery Taylor Swift Gallery brings her hot photos, images from her music clips and possibility add new pictures to gallery.

hot photos images, apps contains photos, taylor swift gallery, sexy singer, actual picture, new pictures, taylor swift gallery brings, hot photos, actress taylor swift, possibility add, music clips

PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

download facebook photos, facebook photos, wont compromize, downloading large bulky, simple extension, facebook page, large bulky software, fast response, account information, twitter photolive, fun facts

Most Popular Game Wallpapers Chrome extension download
Most Popular Game Wallpapers The Most Popular Wallpapers for Games.

games wallpaper, facebook cover facebook cover photos, celebrities movies, assassins creed, cover photos, cars wallpaper, diablo heroes call, wallpaper movies wallpaper, persia mortal combat, duty ghosts battlefield prince, popular photos, music wallpaper, wallpaper cars wallpaper, diablo heroes, baby cute wallpaper, facebook cover photos, diablo skeleton king

Photo Zoom for Pinterest Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Pinterest Best way to view photos and pictures on Pinterest

view photos, star review, dont forget, new tab, photos, automatically zoom, simple extension, way, larger images, pictures

Stacker Chrome extension download
Stacker Share links, videos, photos and content from anywhere on the web with the Stacker Browser Plugin.

share links, stacker chrome plugin, photos, share interesting links videos photos, videos, share links videos photos, share, videos photos, social media accounts, stacker browser plugin

Save Images to Google Photos Chrome extension download
Save Images to Google Photos Upload images to Google Photos

duplicate pictures, automatically handled, free storage, precious photos, free storage youll, suggestions jagatranvo gmail, upload images, jagatranvo gmail, google photos, internet right, storage

Margatsni Chrome extension download
Margatsni Utility extension for Instagram.

update jun, multiplephoto items, multiple photo, profile pictures, download photos, convenient tool, instagram users, hd images, update feb, high quality photos, update jul

My Guru My Life Chrome extension download
My Guru My Life Keep satsang at the center of your life.

center, extension uses, guruhari mahant swami maharaj, new tab, life, surface latest vicharan photos, every action, satsang, vicharan photos

Later - Save Images for Instagram Chrome extension download
Later - Save Images for Instagram Find and save photos for Instagram from across the web using the Later Chrome Extension.

postworthy photos, adobe spark, perfect social media, original url, save photos, media library, page title, chrome extension helps

MEOWSER.ME Chrome extension download
MEOWSER.ME Replaces all images on a given page with pictures of cats.

bad day, web page, photos, replaces, visit www, page, cat, cat photos

Search and New Tab by Yahoo Chrome extension download
Search and New Tab by Yahoo This extension sets your search engine to Yahoo and customizes your new tab page with Flickr photos and access to your top sites

tab page, default search engine, search engine, new tab page, quick access, new tab, brings fresh, gorgeous flickr photos, flickr photos, top sites, search results gorgeous flickr photos, powerful search results

Heart Helper Chrome extension download
Heart Helper Allows you to instantly view photos on dating sites

view photos, dating sites, ru, instantly view photos, sites, mamba, allows

CR7 news Chrome extension download
CR7 news All the news and articles about Cristiano Ronaldo and his incredible career. Photos, videos, wallpapers and everything about the…

news, everything, articles, photos, videos, stuff added, cristiano ronaldo, incredible career, photos videos wallpapers, wallpapers

ProfileZoom Chrome extension download
ProfileZoom Zoom in on Facebook photos without leaving your newsfeed.

profilezoom, facebook photos, newsfeed, friends photos, zoom, large versions, simple extension, allows, view large versions screen sharing Chrome extension download screen sharing Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents.

share presentations photos, double click, show presentations, anyone right, install anything, multiple screensmonitors, shared screen, webrtc compliant browser, efficient online meetings, video conversation, video conversations, extension lets, presentations photos

SpongeBob SquarePants Gallery Chrome extension download
SpongeBob SquarePants Gallery SpongeBob SquarePants is photo gallery of animated series. Funs can add new image to own gallery.

web site, video episodes, gallery share, spongebob squarepants gallery, photo gallery, new image, main characters spongebob, gallery brings photos, spongebob squarepants, context menu, actual image click, spongebob squarepants gallery brings photos, image click, new photos

CCS Max Chrome extension download
CCS Max Taking CCS to the max - Chrome style!

time open page, chrome bug, realtime open page doesnt hang, pay rates, open time page, fas recent internal ccs changes, pilot resv avail page remembers settings, ual crew photos, fixed problem, new ccs login page, fa softtimedh pay calc, minor internal change, fa open time, added crew photos work, fixed bug, added google, crew photos work, google payments, new opentime page, easy schedule upload

Unsplash Instant Chrome extension download
Unsplash Instant Beautiful photos from Unsplash in your new tabs.

new tab apps, open default, fixes downloads issue, beautiful photos, every new tab, feature requests, new minimal ui, image size, unsplash instant photos, tab unsplash instant, unused chrome, unsplash instant, unused chrome permissions, facebook facebook, background image size, unsplash photos, beautiful highresolution photo, photo issue

Facebook Stalker Chrome extension download
Facebook Stalker Show "Photos of" on Facebook

facebook, cover photo, steps, use, peoples privacy settings, show photos, facebook profile, photos, please note, find facebook profile, show

Save to Tonido Chrome extension download
Save to Tonido Save images, web content and screen capture to Tonido

photos video, major mobile phones, high performance media organization, photos music, windows phone, share files music photos, setup public direct links, tonido personal cloud, entire media, personal cloud, access share, install tonido server software, custom domain name, entire media collection, web content, personal cloud server, tonido server, ultra simple personal cloud server software

DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Chrome extension download
DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Flickr photos downloader extension.

author allows, didnt change, allow illegal download, add validation, block downflickr access, sizes button, download photos, contribute right, open source, flickr photos, original size, entire photosets, downflickr access

A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool Chrome extension download
A Photo Slider for Facebook Albums tool A Photo Slider for Facebook , lets you watch any photos album on Facebook as a slide show, just like a screen-saver.

photo slides, facebook photos albums, photos album, photo slider, photos albums, album links, photo slide show, facebook lets, facebook photos albums lets, facebook automatically, photo, slide show, photo slide show right

Traveler : nice dashboard for chrome new tab Chrome extension download
Traveler : nice dashboard for chrome new tab We are Manue & Seb! we bring you one of our photo everytime you open a tab like well known Momentum or Infinity extensions

manue seb photographers, momentum flickr, beautiful photos, manue seb, travel bloggers, message manue seb, infinity extensions, travel blog note, images caption, open tab, hq photos, english version, beautiful extensions

Flickr Photos Download Chrome extension download
Flickr Photos Download This extension allows you to download photos on

special feature, download images, select size, please contact, downloaded filename, download photos, jpg image, main features, id image, available size, name national theatre, find images, extension icon, beta version, flickrdownloader gmail

Twitter Enhanced Chrome extension download
Twitter Enhanced Enhances Twitter by adding Emoji support and "View photo" support for Instagram pics

leave review, instagram photos weren showing, adding emoji support, page www, easy url, tweet expanded, nice graphics, blank squares, enhances twitter, instagram pics, instagram photos, emoji support, view photo

ThisLife Selected Photo Downloader Chrome extension download
ThisLife Selected Photo Downloader Download multiple photos at a time with ThisLife

cause tabs, automatically close, thislife account, large selections, download multiple photos, photos, multiple images, download, address bar, easily download multiple images

X-Men series Image Gallery Chrome extension download
X-Men series Image Gallery X-Men series brings images gallery about series film and super heroes. You can add new photos from any web.

films series, add picture, comics games, function add, super heroes, photos gallery, last stand, series men, men series brings, click right mouse, share app, wolverine film, xmen series brings images, new photos, series film

Bob Marley Gallery Chrome extension download
Bob Marley Gallery Bob Marley Gallery bring photos about this legendary musician. You can add actual images to gallery.

new photos, bob marley gallery bring photos, actual images, videos music albums songs, bob marley gallery, legendary musician, add actual images, gallery, online free pictures, mouse button

goPhotoz Start Chrome extension download
goPhotoz Start goPhotoz Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick photos search experience, for free.

privacy policy , new tab page, user license agreement, gophotoz start extension, chrome browser click, gophotoz start, gophotoz start extension offers, quick photos click, privacy policy, customer service team, chrome browser, chrome new tab page, upper right hand corner, free photos, hand corner, quick photos search, top right hand corner

Social Downloader Chrome extension download
Social Downloader Instagram video/image downloader

download images, download videos buttons, download videos, instagram downloader extension, individual photos videos allowing, individual photos videos, instagram video image downloader, social downloader extension, add download button, instagram videoimage downloader, social downloader extension allows, instagram profile, adding download, photos videos

Photos Direct Link Chrome extension download
Photos Direct Link Allow you to copy a direct link, with extension, from Google Photos.

image direct link, google album archive, file extension, accomplish google trademark rules, image extension, generated url, open source, usage instructions, post images, stopped working, page bottom, direct link, google photos

Cryptagram Chrome extension download
Cryptagram Cryptagram: photo privacy for online social media.

cryptagram, cryptagram web application, photos online, cryptagram empowers users, online social media, sharing photos online, cryptagram photo privacy, decodes images, photo privacy

Blab Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Blab Screen Sharing Blab Screensharing for chrome.

standard blab, blabs youre, edit photos, blabs youre host, presentation mode, share screens, multiple users, share share, standard blab square, play game edit photos, application youd, extension lets

Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension download
Replies and more for Google+ Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

author links, adds reply, adds extra functionality, shiftenter submit, additional sharing options, extra functionality, google comments, post adds, replytoauthor buttons, local language translate, plusissueslist itll ask, easy mentions

360Cities Tab Extension Chrome extension download
360Cities Tab Extension Get an awesome interactive panorama when opening a new tab in your Chrome browser

chrome browser pan, interactive 360degree panoramic photos, spherical view zoom, cities tab, interactive panorama, interactive 360degree photo, awesome interactive panorama, tab extension allows, photos created, stunning geo, finest panorama, commercial usage, full screen choose, largest collection, commercial usage search google

FB Dislike Chrome extension download
FB Dislike Add a dislike feature on Facebook ©

facebook dislike fbd, internet browser fbd, fbd adds, extension adds dislike, adds dislike, standard uninstall procedures, intellectual property rights worldwide, intellectual property, third party software, uninstall fbd, facebook uninstall fbd, add dislike, please note, maintenance costs, facebook page, display ads, time adds, fbd software

Playlist2XBMC Chrome extension download
Playlist2XBMC Plugin for sending YouTube videos to XBMC using JSONRPC

search results changelog, youtube playlist bar, youtube playlist, adds queue, adds play button, new yt html, button injection script, youtube adds queue, adds injection, adds button, youtube playlists, search page updates, video id filter, ajax contenttype set, playlist queue adds clear button, search results, every youtube page, video updates, youtube page, button injection, xbmc adds play, wrong video issue, youtube search page, hdspecific search pages, search page

Twitter Instagram Picture Viewer Chrome extension download
Twitter Instagram Picture Viewer View instagram photos within twitter feeds.

view, images, photos, displays instagram images, view instagram photos, twitter feeds, displays, instagram links, feed

Yahoo! Cricket Chrome extension download
Yahoo! Cricket A Yahoo! Cricket chrome extension for live scores, match updates, news, photos, videos and more

cricket live cricket scores quick snapshot, videos match videos interview press, cricket extension, live cricket scores, google chrome keeps, live scores match updates news photos videos, google chrome, cricket photos, cricket news, live scores, latest cricket news, cricket home page, latest cricket news match, things cricket, latest photos, cricket chrome extension

Search By MovixMuze Chrome extension download
Search By MovixMuze Search By MovixMuze

improved search experience, powerful search engine, favorites movie, watch trailers, use privacy policy, search engine, movixmuze search, movixmuze extension, favorite movies, trailers find showtimes browse photos track, movies trailers showtimes, tv shows, browse photos, mustsee list

Fast Boo Slideshow Chrome extension download
Fast Boo Slideshow Display beautiful and modern slideshow in your social network photos gallery

nice background music, christmas version, faster loading, background music, new fb layout, fix music list, photos gallery, portrait mode photo, remove christmas, new cute loading icon, photo slideshow, semi transparent background, high quality picture, social network photos gallery, beautiful slideshow, loading background

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