Best Advanced Auto Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total advanced auto plugins - 1315
Advanced Auto Logout Chrome extension download
Advanced Auto Logout Logout from all the websites on single click

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Pirate Bay Advanced Search Chrome extension download
Pirate Bay Advanced Search Advanced searching of The Pirate Bay website (exclude keywords, filter by trust, save searches, auto-search with notifications).

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Advanced Password Manager Chrome extension download
Advanced Password Manager We take care of all your passwords so that you can look after more important things in life.

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YouTube Advanced Control Chrome extension download
YouTube Advanced Control YouTube++ : The only Extension that gives full and better control over the YouTube Player

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Simple Notepad Chrome extension download
Simple Notepad Simple Notepad with Auto-Save feature for storing general information

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Plus24h - Auto plus one Google+ Chrome extension download
Plus24h - Auto plus one Google+ Auto plus one google+

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Fast Advanced Google Search Chrome extension download
Fast Advanced Google Search Get better search results in less time with this easy to use interface for Google's advanced search parameters.

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Supreme Fast Pass Chrome extension download
Supreme Fast Pass The fastest and the most functionally advanced Supreme auto-checkout bot on the market. Now supporting EU website.

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Slither Bot Zoom Auto Pilot Chrome extension download
Slither Bot Zoom Auto Pilot static ZOOM, BOT, Auto Pilot !

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css auto reload Chrome extension download
css auto reload It can help you automaticly reload the css files in the browser after you modified them, without ruining your codes.

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Fingerprint Login: PassKey Chrome extension download
Fingerprint Login: PassKey FORGET PASSWORDS…USE YOUR FINGERPRINT: Add fingerprint security to any website or app

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EverProxy Chrome extension download
EverProxy Auto detect blocked domains, auto switch on/off proxy according to domains. Works with goAgent perfectly.(like Proxy Switchysharp)

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Advanced Embedder for YouTube Chrome extension download
Advanced Embedder for YouTube A simple tool to get